[Ibogaine] in praise of the ibogaine forums

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Fri Oct 13 14:42:09 EDT 2006

Oh, whew then. If HOWARD says I was there, then by golly I believe it!
Thanks kindly Howard.
I've not gone completely round the bend again, yet.

"America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream.
The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe
the dream out of existence.
The dream is a spontaneous happening and
therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
the non-dreamers."
William S. Burroughs
Peace, love, and respect,
Preston Peet

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Preston, I do believe you are even in one of the pictures.  But
maybe's its a snap posted up on mindvox.  xorachel

Guaranteed you were there Preston.  Just click on the mindvox link


Keeping clicking on the conference photo link, scroll down to the bottom of 
the page that takes you to and click on the conference photo link again and 
you will find a photo of you on that panel.  Possibly, Patrick will post a 
direct link. Or email him and ask for one.


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