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Hi Brad,
We have been working with Ibogaine for over a year now using it with  people 
who have many different problems other than drug addiction. Check out  our web 
_www.secundumvitae.com_ (http://www.secundumvitae.com/) 
If you have any questions after that, feel free to contact me.
Norman Brown

Norman, I checked out your web site and I am very impressed. My thoughts  and 
feelings about what I read in the treatment reports ran the gamete from "yea  
right to that's incredible" in that order. Why is it that I haven't heard 
about  this place before? Once again I am amazed at the similarities in the 
visions  produced with an Ibogaine treatment. Every report I read had something in  
it very close to mine. Call it collective consciousness or whatever, there is 
 something to this. I'm interested in the preparations you make before and 
the  set and setting during your treatments. I realize that you may not want to  
give away your "secrets" on treatment but I really don't think you have to 
worry  about competition. I think everyone involved is looking at the same  
research to start with. This blows me away, I was reading Leary's guide to the  
psychedelic experience based on the book of the Tibetan Dead last night and this 
 pops up the next morning. I see similarities. Maybe you just came to the 
same  conclusions. Whatever, I think what you are doing is great. The one thing I 
 don't like is you not giving Howard Lotsoff his props for pushing for 
Ibogaine  like he has.You could have used his name in describing Ibogaine. But, all 
in all  this is cool, very cool.
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