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Hey Warren

What occurred to me when I read this is that maybe you should take some time
and be a little more careful about what you put into your mind.  I view the
mind similar to the body in that regard in that I am careful about what I
put into each.  Being careful about food and toxins is easy enough (sort of)
but being careful about what you put into your mind can be more difficult I


When I first got clean a few years ago I stopped watching TV entirely
(something I still don't do) but I also found that I had to stop reading the
news papers.  I willfully made myself ignorant of world events for probably
about a year and half.  I just found that every time I read the news I got
irritated and angry at the phenomenal idiocy that abounds in the human race.
Since then I have been able to return to reading the news (I pretty much
read the NY Times and the BBC websites everyday) and it doesn't spin me out
so bad anymore.  To be sure all the idiocy is still in the news, I just
don't have to take it all so personally these days.  I also am fairly
careful about what movies I watch.  I don't watch movies that I know have
gratuitous violence or gore.  That is a little harder to control though
because you don't always know when they are going to use that stuff in a
movie.  Sometimes it's obvious before you see the movie and sometimes not so
much.  I like to watch computer animated kids movies though and they are
generally pretty safe.  There is a general callousness and lack of
compassion I see in society at large that I don't want to incorporate into
my own being.  I see evidence for this in what passes for entertainment.
Even on youtube and google video you can see endless clips of accidents and
other people's misfortunes that are passed off as entertainment.  Some even
have voice-overs from TV announcers when they have been spliced from TV
shows so you know that the underlying assumption is supposed to be that it
is funny.  I try to avoid such tripe when possible but it's not always so
easy in this day and age.  But what I have managed to avoid is the notion
that these things are funny or entertaining.  But I also somehow manage to
avoid the intense negativity that comes from dwelling on what it says about
the state of the human race that this crap is considered entertainment at


Also in regards to your second to last sentence, I'm pretty sure you need
REM sleep to function.  You may want to consider stopping the pills if they
are inhibiting REM sleep.




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            What you say is all too true. The number one priority is profit
these days. I have been travelling the world on Google Earth and have lately
noticed disturbing images of the strip-mining of the land for trees. Entire
species of beneficial plants have probably been destroyed. The profit motive
seems to have had an effect on the rainforests of South America; vast
thousands of square miles once covered with jungle are bare earth. Some
places you can see fire destroying the jungles and chaparral in the Google
Earth images. These sort of things just seem to give me a sinking feeling
that can only be remedied by shouting out how messed up things are and
questioning "how can the science fiction scenarios of a future desert earth
be prevented"? It has geometrically increased in proportions the clearing of
land everywhere on earth, even the Ibogaine bearing jungles of Gabon seem to
have a lot of clear-cut land, if you can make out the blurry images of that
particular area of the earth. Maybe the 10 or 15 percent of land the
president of Gabon has declared national parks will preserve the Iboga

My rants seem to come in cycles and yet I do see a trend towards the better
as far as getting the message out about Ibogaine, thanks to UTube and all
the other video sites now. I'm trying to work with a half broke computer, a
half broke digital camcorder and iMovie to start some of my own video
uploads, which has been a way to raise my own spirits. But I keep getting
the urge to speak out since there are people with some say in the goings on
in the overall medical community that they need constant prodding. Days go
into weeks into years since I have been reading about Ibogaine. It is only
starting to appear on the Internet Video radar screen, and I hope the news
keeps positive. I totally commend the efforts of everyone involved and
especially Howard and Dana for getting the ball rolling back in the 80's. 

What ever happened to that guy in the video running off like that I don't
know, but I hope that a bunch of hoaxes don't start appearing. My take on it
was that maybe the guy had just enough Ibo to get him a little wobbly or
slow to react to instructions, but it really did seem like he wasn't all
there in his mind when he was getting splashed. I don't know personally
about Ibogaine as far as coordination goes but it would probably make
someone fall on their face if they tried to run. The yelling seemed to
resonate with my own feelings of youthful exuberance I still feel inside at
times. At least when I wake up in the morning now, I don't feel that
depressed any more nor do I feel sick. It is such a relief. Still, I would
rather be as happy as what I imagine Ecstasy would be like, really, but I
don't want to seek that drug out. There is nothing available that could come
close. That is as much as a change in perception my mind craves after all
this time of not really having any fun for any extended period of time. That
is sort of how I want my mind to be free from this depression. It is hard to
be constantly worrying that something will go wrong because in the last 14
or more years, I have had to deal with loss after loss of friends and
family. World affairs on the news make me upset also. Nobody with any real
power seems to have much emotional intelligence, let alone strategic
intelligence. Military intelligence is an oxymoron. Radio hosts can be

These issues keep me bummed out enough of the time, that I need to vent
occasionally. It is something that I would hope that I could get over with
Ibogaine and the right sort of talk therapy. I just don't like it when you
go to a psychiatrist and you have to do all the talking even after many
sessions. I will have to look harder for a more interactive type of
counseling. I don't like group therapy. I tried that a very long time ago
and it was annoying at best. Well in a way this forum kind of serves that
purpose and it is a lot to my liking. Back a long time ago, it was just the
time of my life and the mixed bag of problems of everyone to deal with. Here
there is a common concern. I hope that I can lighten up and somehow be my
old self and the self I am in my nightly dreams. At least I can dream now.
The pills seemed to stifle the REM sleep I used to get before I started with
them. I wonder if Ibogaine has any effect on boosting memory in the long
term after the treatment. I have been getting worse about spelling lately.




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And once again I repeat my concern that if the big pharma companies of the
world continue to sell and promote the use of opioid analgesics then they
also have the responsibility to provide a humane medicine that alleviates
the suffering caused by the over use of those narcotic analgesics. That
means pull your heads out of yer butts, FDA, and legalize Ibogaine treatment
centers in the USA!.

I feel the same way Warren but sad to say that over the time of my treatment
for addiction with Ibogaine until now (2 years) I have been drug down by the
apathy I have seen on the part of a lot of people. I'm not about to point
any fingers, those who feel guilty probably should, but it seems to me there
ought to be some kind of recourse. I was quite a zealot with my rants when I
first got over the methadone. I wrote a FUCK the DEA/FDA rant just about
weekly. Now it seems like there is not much we can do about it. Treatments
happen regardless. The people who are motivated enough find a way. Well that
sucks really when you think about it because one of the things about opiates
is the lethargy involved in them. I think it goes along with what Nick has
to say about the pharm industry in general, and I've heard Howard say it
too, the pharmacy industry is in business to make money, they have to answer
to stock holders for their profit margins first, the general welfare of the
public is a distant second if that. It depresses me to write this shit but
it's true, but Ibogaine awareness is slowly spreading, lets hope it takes on
a life of it's own and the logic of it will prevail. Free Your Mind and Your
Ass Will Follow (George Clinton) Randy


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