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Norman Brown secundumvitae at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 13 07:47:57 EDT 2006

Hi Brad,
  We have been working with Ibogaine for over a year now using it with people who have many different problems other than drug addiction. Check out our website. 
  If you have any questions after that, feel free to contact me.
  Norman Brown

Brad Hays <bradleyheathhays at gmail.com> wrote:
    Hey there edward...thanks for the input and glad i could save ya some bucks)  Yea...I guess I did just bust that out to the list without any due warning...but it had it's purpose i guess.  Most of the relations I read here have to do with folks comming to ibogaine because of a drug addiction.  I seem to be one of the fewer who is more interested in iboga's 'mind healing' properties, and I wanted to get my story out there to see what you guys think.  From my understanding, anxiety is a kind of obsessive behavior, and this iboga seems to be able to realign one's priorities through self-examination and understanding.  So i suppose the question I'm asking (but didn't actually ask) is...now that I've gotten across more about what I personally deal with on a daily basis, would you guys think some root therapy might give some relief from this brain twirling of mine? 
  I'm simply stunned by the drug recovery stories I've read here.  But, if anyone on the list has tried iboga for other than drug addiction therapy, I'd really like to hear your story of how you came to Ibo and what it was able to do for ya...both short and long term. 
  Here's to Hunter S.

  On 10/12/06, edward conn <wardconn at hotmail.com> wrote:   naked lunch WAS Burroughs, to add mushrooms is insult in perjury. I made the
same mistake with the lawnmower man. oh... the luxury and ignorance of youth 


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>Who was it wrote 'Naked Lunch?'  Now that was some crazy ass shit.
>That would also be Burrows.  I saw the movie on shrooms (without having 
>the book first) and walked out shaking my head wondering what the fuck I
>just seen.

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