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And once  again I repeat my concern that if the big pharma companies of the 
world  continue to sell and promote the use of opioid analgesics then they also 
have  the responsibility to provide a humane medicine that alleviates the  
suffering  caused by the over use of those narcotic analgesics. That  means pull 
your heads out of yer butts, FDA, and legalize Ibogaine treatment  centers in 
the USA!.
I feel the same way Warren but sad to say that over the time of my  treatment 
for addiction with Ibogaine until now (2 years) I have been drug  down by the 
apathy I have seen on the part of a lot of people. I'm not about to  point 
any fingers, those who feel guilty probably should, but it seems to me  there 
ought to be some kind of recourse. I was quite a zealot with my rants when  I 
first got over the methadone. I wrote a FUCK the DEA/FDA rant just about  
weekly. Now it seems like there is not much we can do about it. Treatments  happen 
regardless. The people who are motivated enough find a way. Well that  sucks 
really when you think about it because one of the things about opiates is  the 
lethargy involved in them. I think it goes along with what Nick has to say  
about the pharm industry in general, and I've heard Howard say it too, the  
pharmacy industry is in business to make money, they have to answer to  stock 
holders for their profit margins first, the general welfare of the public  is a 
distant second if that. It depresses me to write this shit but it's  true, but 
Ibogaine awareness is slowly spreading, lets hope it takes on a life  of it's 
own and the logic of it will  prevail.       Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will  
Follow  (George  Clinton)            Randy
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