[Ibogaine] implications for the long-lasting actions of the anti-addictio...

marko marko at phantom.com
Thu Oct 12 04:59:48 EDT 2006

Hi Carlton,

I have no idea of cancer or AIDS, I have neither. But I know that 
cleaning the body including kidneys and liver, using Clark's system, is 
highly beneficial. Even without a number of peer-reviewed 
multidisciplinary studies.

Don't want to argue with you, life is too short; I have my point of 
view, you have yours ;-)


Carlton B wrote:

> On 10/11/06, *marko* <marko at phantom.com <mailto:marko at phantom.com>> 
> wrote:
>     I must not forget plenty of scam artists (and everything else,
>     too!) on this list, including me... claims that one single dose of
>     IBOgaine can "cure" years or even decades of addiction?
> Yes, along with a number of peer-reviewed multidisciplinary studies, 
> as well.   Perhaps if Hulda Clarks' studies were validated by anyone 
> besides Hulda Clark over the past 20 years she's been claiming that 
> AIDS is caused by worms, well...
>     Shortly, it's the easiest thing in the world to declare someone a
>     scam artist (and everything else, too!) without trying his/her
>     system or teaching/curing. Without feeling results for oneself.
> I don't have to feel it for myself, I can just read on quackwatch 
> about the people whose cancer worms she's promised to cause, collected 
> money, and watched them die.   Who has she cured?  Nobody.
>     The point is.... here we go again.... that anyone promoting
>     anything from which The Pharmaceutical Industry doesn't profit, is
>     declared a scam artist (and everything else, too!).
> If AIDS were really caused by worms as Clark says, the pharmaceutical 
> industry would be richer than God, because they own the rights to all 
> the vermicidal/anti-parasite drugs as well as AZT, etcetera.   So that 
> reasoning doesn't really hold water either.   Failing that, we have 
> only the remaining theory that Clark's ideas are so scathingly 
> brilliant that everyone who agrees with them has run away and hidden 
> under a rock.   Doesn't this set off your bullshit detector a tiny bit?

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