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Thu Oct 12 07:33:18 EDT 2006

i think scepticism has to fall on both sides of the fence, and for sure 
there is no cure it all for everything all of the time especially when it 
comes to diseases, illnesses or whatever of which we still know so little.

however, i have used hulda clarks herbal method with someone who was 
concurrently being treated for lymphatic cancer, aswell as backing this up 
with basic alternative health therapy, and the person this day is still in 

I don't know what it was that did it for her, the herbs from a supplier 
including tinctures cost all of 30 quid. i'm not able to assess her 
physically, how many doctors are or do even to the degree to which we would 

It used to be only a few years ago that the great search for the cancer 
causing genes was under way (the genetics revolution), now we're seeing how 
scientists are far more readily accepting the sudden changes in our 
environment as potential causative factors in what has been a generational 
boom in cancer rates. How can that be genetic?? It has to be environmental!! 
But what the papers are fed are what is hot at the time or sourced fro 

So it pays for all fo us to be well informed and maybe not to jump to any 
conclusions but to at least weigh up the wider factors and try and see a 
causative factor, that way atleast we can build up a picture of 

Getting lost in scepticism is still getting lost.

By the way i used to be so pro alternative and all anti medical, but over 
time i've seen that it is far from that oblique.

people go into remission all the time, its just happened in my own family, 
and that was purely through chemo. thats taught me some real lessons, and I 
think we can forget the good what doctors do all the time, jesus where would 
we be also without them??


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>Hi Carlton,
>I appreciate what you're saying here, but I also have to say that I have
>witnessed full-blown terminal cancer go into complete remission from "new
>age" non-invasive therapies. Be careful you don't throw the baby out with
>the bath water. The pharm business have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER 
>treating cancer effectively, the same true for a multitude of other
>degenerative conditions. Their entire business is rooted in the temporary
>relief of symptomology, and they will NEVER back an effective treatment for
>it would wound them financially. They are shareholder based structures, 
>legally enforced rights to only pursue profit-worthy ventures. They cannot
>pursue effective treatments, they are not allowed to legally. It's the dark
>side of capitalism, man, and it has nothing to do with medicine.
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>     I must not forget plenty of scam artists (and everything else, too!) 
>this list, including me... claims that one single dose of IBOgaine can
>"cure" years or even decades of addiction?
>   Yes, along with a number of peer-reviewed multidisciplinary studies, as
>well.   Perhaps if Hulda Clarks' studies were validated by anyone besides
>Hulda Clark over the past 20 years she's been claiming that AIDS is caused
>by worms, well...
>     Shortly, it's the easiest thing in the world to declare someone a scam
>artist (and everything else, too!) without trying his/her system or
>teaching/curing. Without feeling results for oneself.
>   I don't have to feel it for myself, I can just read on quackwatch about
>the people whose cancer worms she's promised to cause, collected money, and
>watched them die.   Who has she cured?  Nobody.
>     The point is.... here we go again.... that anyone promoting anything
>from which The Pharmaceutical Industry doesn't profit, is declared a scam
>artist (and everything else, too!).
>   If AIDS were really caused by worms as Clark says, the pharmaceutical
>industry would be richer than God, because they own the rights to all the
>vermicidal/anti-parasite drugs as well as AZT, etcetera.   So that 
>doesn't really hold water either.   Failing that, we have only the 
>theory that Clark's ideas are so scathingly brilliant that everyone who
>agrees with them has run away and hidden under a rock.   Doesn't this set
>off your bullshit detector a tiny bit?

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