[Ibogaine] !b0 on youtube.

Warren Lee Theriot wleetheriot at comcast.net
Wed Oct 11 19:09:28 EDT 2006

Everytime I see that video of the white guy running off like  he  
does, it gets funnier. His shouting was really funny. That last  
splash of water over the head must have set him off. He really looked  
like he was tripping the whole time as he was kind of stumbling about  
when he was moving around and then he just looked at the water with a  
stoned look when he was getting splashed. The day after my first  
psychedelic experience on "synthetic mescaline" in 1970, I was  
looking out the window onto a large field and lightning struck the  
ground about 300 feet away. I started yelling like that out of a kind  
of primordial excitement. That was what I felt at the time.

On another lighter note, the following video was on the same page as  
the Ibo video and it is very entertaining. The end credit footage is  

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>>> Cool shit. Really makes me want to trip in the gabon, not.
>>> If its fake, why bother? Its not that shocking, it's only.....
>>> disturbing if it is real, come to us white idiots, trip out in the
>>> jungle in gabon. I think Nick sandberg wrote up some similiar
>>> experiences tripping in gabon.
>>> Nick or anybody else who knows, is this for real? The peeps doing  
>>> the
>>> initiation do seem disturbed by it and are chasing him at the end.
>>> Ben's flick has more tripping in Gabon, i'm sure it's somewhere in
>>> youtube, it's also on google vids.
>>> http://video.google.com/videoplay? 
>>> docid=522872492701657466&q=ibogaine
>>> -broc
>> Intriguing clip. I wonder what it was that suddenly freaked the  
>> guy out. I
>> mean, neither of them looked to me like they were really out of  
>> it, though
>> they were a bit shakey, so either they were coming down off the
>> iboga or it
>> was before they started. Ritual cleansing usually goes on before you
>> actually start rituals, Bwiti or otherwise. I emailed the guy to ask.
>> Nick
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