Hey Chi!

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Hey Chi!
I had that aussie treat me not so long ago,well bout 47 days,U r in safe hands and don't be too afraid.I know I was petrified too but it wasnt needed and can make 'letting go' a bit harder;so enjoy the ride/journey,surround urself with things/photos/soundz u love.Be nice to urself and give Jasen a pinch and punch from me!
I'll cum see u tomorow Kirk-and Lori wants to get hold of u-can u email her pwease.mwah

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me too, downloaded it on my ipod last week. im doing my treatment very, very 
soon. im scared, petrified, excited and feeling sorry for jasen, he's 
looking after me. so, ive been searching my brain for music i'll want to 
listen to. songs that remind of good times with friends and songs that i 
just love the lyrics to. chi

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>just got that song again very, very recently.
>"America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream.
>The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe
>the dream out of existence.
>The dream is a spontaneous happening and
>therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
>the non-dreamers."
>William S. Burroughs
>Peace, love, and respect,
>Preston Peet
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>>hey preston, dont think i'll be able to make it this time.... but i'll 
>>make a request, march violets- snake dance. thanks chi
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