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Tue Oct 10 13:14:45 EDT 2006

Now, we are aproaching panacea - cure for everything

I'm afraid that IBO, despite of amazing action regarding many 
"diseases", cannot cure everything. Unfortunately.

It seems that majority of "deseases" we know are caused by what we 
breathe, what we drink, what we eat, and where do we live. To get rid of 
them means a LOT of work - but they can be beaten/extinguished. Hulda R. 
Clark has a very un-conventional look at this so I suggest you look at 
http://curezone.com/clark/ where almost her whole book The Cure For All 
Diseases is; anywayz, you can find your preferred "disease" and learn 
how to get rid of it...

As for MS, I personally know one of Europe's top specialists for it, and 
she cannot heal it - and she is convinced that it CANNOT be cured!

Another official dogma..............................


Carlton B wrote:

> This item immediately jumped out at me too, since I have a couple of 
> family members who have multiple sclerosis.   But I think it would be 
> irresponsible to throw ibogaine at the problem without knowing more 
> about the risks, unless the sufferer and their family all feel 
> strongly that they're in a cure-or-die situation, and you have a 
> reputable treatment provider who is willing to accept the risk.
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>         The identification of a GDNF-mediated, autoregulatory
>         long-lasting feedback loop could have important implications
>         for GDNF's potential value as a treatment for addiction and
>         neurodegenerative diseases
>     What about Alzheimer's disease? A person I love is staring this
>     right in the face. Is there any evidence that Ibogaine will
>     help?        Randy

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