[Ibogaine] elephants on iboga fruit - "Drunks with trunks"

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I'd love to link to this article, but the URL doesn't seem to work.
Any suggestions anyone?

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> Sunday Times "Drunks with trunks"
> Alcoholic elephants, naked cyclists, lethal kites and £1,000-a-day
> car hire: getting to grips with Gabon isn't easy, but it's worth it
> As an excuse for a late train, it was certainly more imaginative
> than
> blaming leaves on the line. A herd of drunken elephants had
> wandered
> in front of the train heading towards Lopé, in the middle of the
> Gabonese jungle. Four of the elephants had been killed, and the
> engine and two carriages had been derailed. The line was completely
> blocked. The stationmaster sweated profusely in the equatorial heat
> as he explained the problem to our small group waiting on the Lopé
> station platform. "It's the iboga fruit they keep eating," he
> grumbled, apparently annoyed at the herd's failure to obey railway
> regulations. "They get intoxicated and stagger around on our
> lines."
> http://www.timesonl ine.co.uk/ article/0, ,2100-2318541, 00.html
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