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>I  also personally know
a person who was diagnosed schizophrenic who does way  better on meds.<


OK, I guess I can share this. I personally know of a person that has some  
pretty severe psychological problems who was treated with Ibogaine. This  person 
had a heroin habit on top of the psych problems. He/she decided to not  tell 
the providers that said psych  problem existed and hoped for the best.  The 
treatment went well and at day 4 he/she was on the way home when a panic  attack 
hit him/her and all hell broke loose. I won't get specific about it  and I 
wouldn't say anything at all if this person hadn't said that I could write  
about it, but suffice to say that the Ibogaine treatment brought out some raw  
emotions with this person and some very big issues were dealt with. It scared  
the hell outta the providers so I am told but in the end I think that all  
involved felt like it was a positive thing for this person to have experienced  
this episode. Thank God that it happened when the person was still with the  
provider and not after they were on their own. After it happened the person  
explained that he/she had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital a couple of  
times and had been on some pretty heavy psych meds. Would this have  happened 
without the Ibogaine? Maybe. Did the Ibogaine bring it on? Who knows? I  think it 
just goes to show that anyone being treated with Ibogaine should be as  honest 
as they can. On the other hand I have a childhood friend that bought some  
smoking gold window pane LSD in 1974 and to this day is so psychotic that he  
can't function. He had never been treated for psychosis before this happened. I  
think everybody knows of a case like this with LSD. Has anyone ever been 
treated  with Ibogaine and a problem like that occurred that never resolved 
itself? It  seems to me that Ibogaine has a way of healing some things like this, 
but I know  the providers well in this case, and I don't think that they would 
have  knowingly done the treatment with all the information that came out 
afterwards.  I'm very curious about this and would appreciate any  input.      Love 
and  knowledge       Randy
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