elephants on iboga fruit - "Drunks with trunks"

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Tue Oct 10 01:56:51 EDT 2006

Sunday Times "Drunks with trunks"

Alcoholic elephants, naked cyclists, lethal kites and £1,000-a-day 
car hire: getting to grips with Gabon isn't easy, but it's worth it 

As an excuse for a late train, it was certainly more imaginative 
blaming leaves on the line. A herd of drunken elephants had 
in front of the train heading towards Lopé, in the middle of the 
Gabonese jungle. Four of the elephants had been killed, and the 
engine and two carriages had been derailed. The line was completely 

blocked. The stationmaster sweated profusely in the equatorial heat 

as he explained the problem to our small group waiting on the Lopé 
station platform. "It's the iboga fruit they keep eating," he 
grumbled, apparently annoyed at the herd's failure to obey railway 
regulations. "They get intoxicated and stagger around on our 

http://www.timesonl ine.co.uk/ article/0, ,2100-2318541, 00.html

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