[Ibogaine] A glowing review of Iboga Therapy House in Canada

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Are you still recruiting subjects for the observational case study?
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> The story so far...(uber short version)
> Marc's funding ceased in June of '04.The ITH became a non-profit in May
> '05. I was the third employee hired in the project to help Marc with
> intake, programming and to setup a protocol for research. I basically
> become director in mid 2003 and continued trying to improve and continue
> the project after he could no longer fund it. We tried applying to
> Health Canada for funding, but  we need to do some solid data collection
> and research before they can justify funding something like this (that
> is now what we are working towards). It took a long while to set it all
> up again in an improved, holistic, safe and supportive scenario but we
> did so with encouragement from MAPS (multidisciplinary association for
> psychedelic studies - www.maps.org). We reopened in March of '06 with a
> whole new setup, team and programming model (harm reduction therapy
> based). We do have to charge for the therapy unfortunately but are doing
> so as a non-profit because our end goal is to do the research that it
> takes to eventually make it available to the people who need it most. We
> have a team of 9 wonderful and knowledgeable facilitators including a
> nurse, a med student and a massage therapist, 2 emergency medical
> technicians, a substance counselor and myself as director and facilitator.
> We have been working on a protocol for an observational study with MAPS
> on the long-term effects of ibo treatment for chemical dependence. MAPS
> finally gained ethical approval for the study this August. We are
> beginning the study in November. More info here:
> http://www.maps.org/ibogaine/
> We've come a long way I think, and further still yet to go...and that
> goes for the whole ibogaine movement. Keep up the good work everybody,
> we know what the potentials are and they are astounding, no?
> Cheers,
> Sandra
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> ITH was started by Canadian cannabis activist Mark Emery. All
> treatments were given away for free. I think Mark started ITH because
> Dana Beal introduced him to ibogaine and Mark wanted to detox his son.
> Sandra was the 4th or 5th employee there and one of the main ones who
> stayed on, the new ITH would have just re opened in the last couple
> weeks I think. The funding it had in the past which was 100% donated by
> Mark stopped after his major bust a year+ back when he could no longer
> afford to fund it out of his pocket.
> http://www.pot-tv.net/archive/shows/pottvshowse-1977.html
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