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> From: Matt at ITSupport.net> To: ibogaine at mindvox.com> Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 11:49:14 -0600> Subject: RE: [Ibogaine] psych drug fraud> > I know I already commented on this website but I wanted to say one more> thing.  I don't know if this is indicative of Scientology or just a> characteristic of this website but this site is built around the western> philosophical position that what is not scientific is not real.  There is an> implicit attitude in science in general that says that what cannot be> empirically measured and verified has no validity.  The irony of this> position has been pointed out by others and that is that there is no> empirically verifiable evidence to support the position that only> empirically verifiable evidence has validity.  The purely scientific view> ignores the fact that it cannot justify itself by its own standards.> > What is truly harmful about this philosophical viewpoint is that it> dismisses as irrelevant such things as value judgments, conscience,> consciousness, spirit, and any notions whatsoever of God or a universal> spirit.  Because psychiatry attempts to deal with problems of consciousness> and mind it is dealing with things that science itself cannot deal with> because it cannot completely validate these things with its own standards of> empiricism.  I guess the point is that a purely scientific viewpoint is not> equipped nor justified in leveling any criticisms at areas of knowledge in> which its own empirical processes cannot illumine.> > I know there is an attempt in psychiatry to be scientific by using things> like repeatable, verifiable experiments but ultimately any knowledge quest> that relies on the subjective views of individuals cannot be made into a> science in the same sense as purely objective sciences like biology or> chemistry.  To the pure scientist consciousness itself is simply some sort> of random side effect of a chemical situation in a biological organ and is,> in itself, irrelevant.  Only the chemical processes going on in the brain> have any real relevance, and therefore reality, by this world view.  A> vastly incomplete philosophical world view if you asked me.> Matt> > -----Original Message-----> From: Aimee Forrester [mailto:aim_jf at hotmail.com] > Sent: Saturday, October 07, 2006 4:21 PM> To: ibogaine at mindvox.com> Subject: [Ibogaine] psych drug fraud> > Check this video link out;> > http://cchr.org/uploads/video/no_science.wmv> > > After Tom Cruise' exposure of the psych drug fraud last year the FDA ordered> > those anti-depressants to carry black labels warning citizens that they can > cause suicide, violence, psychosis, mania, heart attacks and sudden death > and that sales of such anti-depressants fell a 20% - it seems like the > psychs & the pharmaceuticals have not forgiven Tom for having cut their > income which is higher than $76 billions a year a 20%. That must have hurt. > It's a hell of a lot of money!> > Just recently we all heard about the noisy split between Paramount (owned by> > Viacom) and Tom. Why was Cruise slammed by Viacom's head when he had made 1 > billion for them in the last year just with his last two movies War of the > Worlds and MI3? Well, the amount of money made by the movie industry is > peanuts compared to the amount of money made by the pharmaceutical industry.> > In fact, it happens that William Gray, who is part of Viacom's board of > directors, is also on the board of Pfizer (the largest pharmaceutical > company by 2004 sales). And Ivan Seidenberg, who is also part of Viacom's > board of directors, is on the board of Wyeth (the 10th largest > pharmaceutical company by 2004 sales). You are free to pull the string if > you want to know the whole truth... you may be very surprised.> > By the way, it seems that Viacom's shares fell as much as a 10% after the > whole thing...> > Psychiatry and the pharmaceuticals sure have the resources to create such a > huge media wave in an attempt to destroy Tom Cruise, who is putting their > risky business in danger just by unveiling the truth. If they were not doing> > anything wrong why should they care about him and about what he said?> > If you not to prejudge and you care to investigate a little bit around on > your own you can find very interesting data and evidence in webs such as > www.cchr.org and others. I have also found very interesting books on the > subject. Last but not least, there is an extremely interesting video around > on the Internet they sure don't want you to watch: More Even more> > _________________________________________________________________> Find out how to win FREE Fuel at tradingpost.com.au - Click here > http://a.ninemsn.com.au/b.aspx?URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Etradingpostcompetition> %2Ecom%2Eau%2Ffuelgiveaway%3Freferrer%3Dplace11&_t=758874118&_r=HM_Tagline_O> ct06&_m=EXT> > > >  > /]=---------------------------------------------------------------------=[\>  [%] Ibogaine List Commands: http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/IbogaineList.html> [%]>  > \]=---------------------------------------------------------------------=[/> > > > > > >   /]=---------------------------------------------------------------------=[\>  [%] Ibogaine List Commands: http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/IbogaineList.html [%]>   \]=---------------------------------------------------------------------=[/> > 
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