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> preston, dont feel abashed, i laughed my ass off as well. i had to watch
> it about 10 times before i posted it to the list ( and your myspace.. that
> wuz mE, btw =) )
> and, like nick, i msg'd the person who posted the video on youtube as
> well. i would like to get the BG story on this one.
> three cheers for being human
> c.

Would also like to know the story behind the video clip.   Please post if you 
receive a response. Yes, I too had felt a laugh though I am not certain 
laughter was in the mind of the runner.

If you were a provider in Europe or the Americas this might not be the 
patient/initiate you were hoping for, particularly if your operation was 
clandestine.   Funny is as funny does or whatever.   

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