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nruhtra at dsskcorp.com nruhtra at dsskcorp.com
Fri Oct 6 21:16:24 EDT 2006

hello folks, its been forever and some time since ive posted on the list,
so a big shout to all you guys. ive been reading silently in the BG for
the past year or so, but i would like to post a finding.. .

*please note i am very sorry if this has already been posted...

i read that youtube is in talks to be bought by g00gle at the tune of 1.6$
billion. after reading this i decided to get my daily youtube fix and putz
around the site.

after getting bored searching for this and that i decided to try
"ibogaine" and sure enough there were a few videos.. one of these videos
blew my fucking mind. this is a must see:


at first i thought it was totaly fake. however, after watching it a few
more times i noticed how the supposed bwiti folk seemed quite shocked by
what just occured. the body movements of the one guy chasing after the
freaking out white guy seemed genuine. anybody out there know if the
process of the ritual includes what was going on in the video? i have yet
to do ibo, but ive done fried my brain with the likes of 2ct2/7, amt,
5meodmt and pretty much 5meo-everything-else, and from what ive read, ibo
can be just as physically crippling as the chems stated. so if the vid is
real, i would like to think the participant is not trippin.

reguardless, thot id share this bit and see what you guys thought.


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