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Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant and is still commonly used to
treat depression, particularly for what's known "refractory" or "treatment
resistant" depression. It's also the most common medication used to treat
obsessive compulsive disorder, as the newer antidepressants don't tend to
work as well for that.

I would strongly advise discontinuing the amitryptyline for at least 2
weeks prior to taking ibogaine. The first two points mentioned below are
strong contraindications, but most importantly, mixing ibogaine and
amitriptyline could result in serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal; or,
at the very least, highly unpleasant.

If you do choose to do stop the amitriptyline so you can take ibogaine, DO
NOT DO SO ABRUPTLY. You should taper off slowly, over the course of a week
or two depending on your dosage, ideally under a doctor's supervision.

> Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, you should seek medical advice first, and
> listen to me only if you can't get that.  I don't have any experience
> mixing
> amitriptylene and ibogaine, although I have firsthand knowledge of taking
> both.
> Here are some considerations:
> 1st and formost)  The ibogaine administration protocol contraindicates
> ingestion of substances that prolong the Q-T interval (because ibogaine
> also
> has this effect).   Amitriptylene prolongs the Q-T interval.   The risk is
> serious and possibly fatal heart arrhythmia.
> 2nd)  Ibogaine and amitriptylene are both metabolized by cytochrome p450
> and
> would probably compete for that enzyme, meaning they would both linger in
> the blood plasma longer.
> 3rd)   Ibogaine is known to be an oneiric, a dream-inducing or
> dream-potentiating substance.   Amitriptylene is known to produce intense,
> vivid dreams and nightmares.  I don't think you want to be multiplying
> that
> effect.
> So if you consulted a doctor, which is a better idea than listening to me,
> I
> think their response would be:
> 1)  Make sure you are well clear of amitriptylene before dosing ibogaine,
> like a month at the minimum
> 2)  Who uses amitriptylene anymore anyway?   Whatever the reason for
> taking
> it, almost certainly there's a better drug that isn't so hard on you.
> On 10/5/06, firefly <lik4luk at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
>> Hi evry1,
>> I am planning to treat a 33yr old male that is on amiltriptylene and
>> also
>> drinks bourban-not so worried bout the alcahol but wondering if any1 has
>> experience with amitrptylene?He is preparing with good diet and will do
>> all
>> the magnesium etc.wont do this treatment for a month or two as getting
>> the
>> cash and ibo will take a bit but want to know that we'll be safe.
>> Thank u all so much,
>> Tanz.
>> *HSLotsof at aol.com* wrote:
>> Did I email you that response or did we talk on the phone?  If I emailed
>> you would you forward it back to me.  Thanks. The reason I ask is that I
>> usually don't provide that kind of assurance.
>> Howard
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