...Life is Beautiful

morningwood at mindvox.com morningwood at mindvox.com
Fri Oct 6 03:52:16 EDT 2006

The game starts now.

Whoever’s here is here.

whoever’s not is not.

The first one to get a thousand points wins.

The prize is a tank!  Lucky him.

Every day we’ll announce who’s in the lead from that loudspeaker.

The one with the least points has to wear a sign saying “jackass”

right here on his back.

We play the part of the real mean guys who yell.

Whoever’s scared loses points.

You’ll lose your points for three things.

One, if you cry.

Two, if you want to see your mommy.

Three, if you’re hungry and you want a snack.

Forget about it.

It’s easy to lose points for being hungry.

Just yesterday I lost 40 points.

because I absolutely had to have a jam sandwich.

Apricot jam!

He wanted strawberry.

Don’t ask for any lollipops.   You won’t get any.

We eat them all!  I ate 20 of them yesterday!

What a stomachache.  But they sure were good.

You bet.   Sorry if I’m going so fast,

but I’m playing hide and seek.

I have to go now or they’ll find me.

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