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Thu Oct 5 13:07:19 EDT 2006

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> In a message dated 10/4/06 10:16:15 PM,
> triarttt at yahoo.com writes:
> > I asked Howard about the age question too and he
> said
> > if my general health was good and that had to be
> > answered as honestly as possible, then I should be
> > alright.  How big a "should" that is, is hard to
> say
> > for a  physically strenuous treatment like
> ibogaine
> > can be
> > 
> Hi Boomer,
> Did I email you that response or did we talk on the
> phone?   If I emailed you 
> would you forward it back to me.   Thanks. The
> reason I ask is that I usually 
> don't provide that kind of assurance.
> Howard
Hi Howard
I apologize for quoting you. I should have phrased
your response on the phone last spring differently. It
was more along the lines of assessing your general
health in an "honest" way, that would lead one to the
answer of treatment suitability. You didn't really
"assure" me of  anything based on my age. I did speak
at length with a provider in the Chech republic who
cautioned me about ibogaine at my age and said he
would not accept me due to possible heart
complications. However he had not seen my records and
his facility didn't provide extra trained med staff. I
don't believe he charges for his providing either.I
understand there are no hard, fast, guidelines  and
wouldn't want to put you on the spot without proper
Thanks Bisc for your response 
when it comes to assurances. 

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