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If there  is someone out there who is familiar
with this form of opiate and how it is  affected by the
ibogaine treatment  I would  appreciate them  sharing
their knowledge. One thing about this forum I have
gained a lot  of valuable insight into others problems
dilemas and unique solutions as  well. More helpfull
encounters from complete strangers is a welcome  change
from the sterile advice given by so many others "help"
Thanks for the info. 

Boomer, I wasn't addicted to Oxy's when I got my treatment but I have been  
addicted to them before and I am very familiar with them. I was on  Methadone. 
I've been aware of a couple of people being treated with Ibogaine for  them 
too. For one Oxy's are a longer acting opiate than say for instance regular  
oxycodone. Even if you take the coating off of them trying to defeat the time  
release they stick around a lot longer. I can't really explain why I just know  
that they do. It was harder for me to kick oxy's than it was to kick heroin  
probably because of the time release factor. I kicked both of these cold  
turkey, but the effects still apply. I don't know how much you are on, (I was  
doing 5 or 6 80's a day when I kicked them, more if I could afford them) but I  do 
know that getting your dose as low as you can tolerate it will help a lot.  
I'm not saying that you have to suffer unduly, I just know that the lower you  
get your dose the easier it will be with the residual withdrawals that come 
with  them. I'm sure that Sandra is aware of all of this. Some boosters after 
your  initial flood dose will help with this a lot. I do know that having a good 
 provider is the way to go. As for rapid detox? I went in the hospital for a 
poor  man's version of rapid detox for oxy's once. I took nalexone or 
naltrexone  pills, whatever they were and I was given phenobarbital and valium until I 
saw  double. MAN did that suck. I stayed in the hospital 6 days and as soon 
as I  left the hospital I went and copped. I couldn't stand being sick for 
another  minute. I guess the doc didn't take into account the half life of oxy's 
being  time released. Plus the insurance only covers for a certain amount of 
time.  Whatever it didn't work for me. I hope this helps. Keep asking questions 
until  you get all the information that you need. I'm glad to see you here. 
Stay with  us.          Randy
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