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> Age  isn't so much a factor as the health of your
> heart and liver. If you
> are  serious about trying ibogaine treatment, get
> the appropriate tests
> (EKG,  liver function, etc... it's all in Howard's
> manual).
> If all those come  up clean, you would be a
> candidate for treatment. If
> there are problems on  any of those tests, you
> should probably not  take
> ibogaine
> Well put John. I am 49 and anticipating another full
> treatment in the very  
> near future myself. I refuse to believe that 49 or
> 55 for that matter, is old.  
> If all the precautions are taken as well as getting
> your dosage level down as 
>  low as you can oxy's aren't an insurmountable 
> problem. How much Oxycontin  
> are you taking? I have to say this though, keep in
> mind that a good aftercare  
> program is as important as getting the Ibogaine
> itself. I know this the hard  
> way. I'd like to see my mistakes do somebody some
> good so please don't wait 
> as  long as I did to find a good therapist. Exorcize
> is a real good idea too. 
> At  least a good walking regiment or whatever you
> can get into, just do 
> something.  Ask lots of questions and do a lot of
> research too so that you know what 
> you are  getting into. Are you in the states? I
> don't mean to pry, I'm just 
> tryin' to  help.               Randy

Thanks for your reply Randy and John
I can understand post therapy will be important.
Lowering my dose as well as exercise, both of which I
find hard to do, are on my "to do list". Unfortunately
I get confused by info overload. Some say methodone
tapering is the only real course of action while
others suggest the naltrxone rapid 5 day detox. I know
ibogaine has the reputation of being hard to go thru,
scarry  anacdotes of heart problems and even death,
and not accepted by traditional medical communities.
But I don't want to become a methadone 'lifer' or
suffer the known side effects of rapid detox. I have
been regularly consulted by Sandra at the Vancouver
clinic and  she has been very helpful and informative.
Being Canadian I feel pretty secure with using their
facilities out west.  
I asked Howard about the age question too and he said
if my general health was good and that had to be
answered as honestly as possible, then I should be
alright.  How big a "should" that is, is hard to say
for a  physically strenuous treatment like ibogaine
can be. My procrastination is not good at all. What
level of oxy use should I be at before treatment for
example. If there is someone out there who is familiar
with this form of opiate and how it is affected by the
ibogaine treatment  I would  appreciate them sharing
their knowledge. One thing about this forum I have
gained a lot of valuable insight into others problems
dilemas and unique solutions as well. More helpfull
encounters from complete strangers is a welcome change
from the sterile advice given by so many others "help"
Thanks for the info. 

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