[Ibogaine] Is age a factor?

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Age  isn't so much a factor as the health of your heart and liver. If you
are  serious about trying ibogaine treatment, get the appropriate tests
(EKG,  liver function, etc... it's all in Howard's manual).

If all those come  up clean, you would be a candidate for treatment. If
there are problems on  any of those tests, you should probably not  take

Well put John. I am 49 and anticipating another full treatment in the very  
near future myself. I refuse to believe that 49 or 55 for that matter, is old.  
If all the precautions are taken as well as getting your dosage level down as 
 low as you can oxy's aren't an insurmountable  problem. How much Oxycontin  
are you taking? I have to say this though, keep in mind that a good aftercare  
program is as important as getting the Ibogaine itself. I know this the hard  
way. I'd like to see my mistakes do somebody some good so please don't wait 
as  long as I did to find a good therapist. Exorcize is a real good idea too. 
At  least a good walking regiment or whatever you can get into, just do 
something.  Ask lots of questions and do a lot of research too so that you know what 
you are  getting into. Are you in the states? I don't mean to pry, I'm just 
tryin' to  help.               Randy
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