[Ibogaine] Is age a factor?

jon at mindvox.com jon at mindvox.com
Wed Oct 4 18:15:29 EDT 2006

Age isn't so much a factor as the health of your heart and liver. If you
are serious about trying ibogaine treatment, get the appropriate tests
(EKG, liver function, etc... it's all in Howard's manual).

If all those come up clean, you would be a candidate for treatment. If
there are problems on any of those tests, you should probably not take

> Hi,
> I have been wanting to ask this question about my
> suitability for ibogaine treatment for some time now.
> I am 55 yrs of age and have a substantial oxy problem.
> I have been putting off ibogaine treatment because of
> concerns and problems resulting from possible heart
> weakness at my age. I do not have a bad heart now but
> know that ibogaine can affect that organ during
> treatment. If anyone has experience with age related
> issues please reply with your advice.
> Thankyou "from the boomer in need".
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