[Ibogaine] Y R we suffering?

nikki mcbride nikkimcbride100 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 4 18:03:09 EDT 2006

  I'm sorry that link made you more sad... that was not the intention.  
  I really feel for what you're going through... I know how shit it is when relationships break down and all the head fuck that goes with it. Be strong, and carry on being the brave and true individual that you are.  
  with love and respect
  Nikki x 

Warren Lee Theriot <wleetheriot at comcast.net> wrote:
I was in the same place in a relationship as you, almost, once a 
long time ago. I made it through "with a little help from my 
friends". Just don't give up on yourself. Relationships can also be 
addicting with painful withdrawals, so immerse yourself in whatever 
you enjoy most with other people. Finding another place to live might 
help a lot. It would be better if you don't torture yourself with the 
company of your girlfriend if she won't recipricate affection. 
Arguments make life worse if there is no agreeable solution to end 
the arguments. I remember the first day after I came back from 
driving my ex and all of her half of our belongings some 250 miles 
away. I went to the beach but was in a depressed daze for a long 
time. The only thing that helped was some good loving from another 
woman. The desire for someone special is hard to counter, I know. But 
you CAN get through it. You are even a lot younger than I am, so you 
have a better advantage of finding someone else to be intimate with. 
You have a successful writing career at this time also. Think of all 
the positives in your life, and don't let yourself drown in the 
Respectfully, Peace,

On Oct 4, 2006, at 11:24 AM, Preston Peet wrote:

> yes, very beautiful, but do you have any idea how much that can 
> hurt seeing all those smiling, hugging people at this point in time?
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> therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
> the non-dreamers."
> William S. Burroughs
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> n,
> thanks for posting that link.... I needed something like that!!!!!! 
> much love & peace your way!!!!
> lee
> There is only love, all else is an illusion.
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> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Y R we suffering?
> I want to add this link to go with my message below... Its 
> beautiful! made me cry...
> www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr3x_RRJdd4&mode=related&search
> nikki mcbride wrote:
> hello there everyone..
> I just felt the need to reply that last post. Its so true it hits 
> parts deep within. Our world seems to thrive on unacceptance... 
> cos our world peddles a version of reality (advertising/education 
> etc, etc) that makes most people feel excluded. So many people 
> struggle and use much energy trying to be 'what society elicits 
> humans are'... distancing lives, friendships, trust and integrity 
> under a veil of 'inadequacy'... no wonder we live in sad times. 
> The old adage divide and rule becomes apparent here... Give people 
> something to look down their noses at (being thankful its not them 
> thats addicted/lost/afraid/lonely/black/east european/islamic/ 
> gay/'mentally ill'/unemployed etc.)... and split up our human soul 
> in isolation.
> I think its time for a change... and I'm battling with all these 
> barriers within myself and the sadness and isolation that threatens 
> to consume me at times... Everyone of us has a spark of light in 
> their eyes, even those that gain confidence from others pain and 
> misfortune (as thats what our society peddles as acceptable 
> behaviour- in fact the norm).
> Be brave all of you gorgeous souls... Its time for change, and its 
> possible!
> Loving you all for your wisdom strength and beauty...
> N x
> firefly 
> Hey All,
> Well part of my newly rediscovered beliefs is that there are so 
> many suffering esp. in western society is that we disconect our- 
> selves and others from the "community".The 'Gay' community in 
> general always seem pretty happy.Some of their families have 
> disowned them but they create their own communiy/family and Love 
> them for who they are.
> We as a society are bad at turning our backs on any1 thats 
> different or addicted or psycologicaly unstable when usualy all 
> they need is love and acceptance and non-judgemental guidance.
> So Big LOVE to U ALL!!!
> Tanz in KIWI-LAND!!!
> BLVDGallery at aol.com wrote:
> Pat
> You email really touched me. There is nothing worst for a mother 
> than seeing her children in pain and be powerless to do anything to 
> help them heal.
> I am a mother also and although my children are not addicted, my 
> husband lives with chronic back pain and has been taking oxicontin, 
> vicodin, valuium, neurotin etc. in various combination and I am a 
> recovering alcoholic and mairjunana addict. Why is there so many 
> people who are suffering so much?
> I am overwhelmed by the awareness of how many people on this planet 
> are in so much turmoil, pain and fear.
> I will pray for you and your boys.
> Namaste
> Becky
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