[Ibogaine] psichotic sympthomes

jon at mindvox.com jon at mindvox.com
Wed Oct 4 17:03:35 EDT 2006

Do you know specifically what her diagnosis is? What exactly do you mean
when you say she has "a soft split personality"? Does she have
dissociative identity disorder? Is she bipolar? Borderline personality

I'd probably advise against giving iboga to someone with a dissociative
disorder (such as dissociative identity disorder, what they used to call
multiple personality disorder) or schizophrenia, as I would suspect it
would aggravate the dissociation or psychosis. But I should imagine it
would be helpful for affective and anxiety disorders.

> What do u think abt iboga treatment for psichiatric patient,she has a
> soft split personality and a bit chaotic emocionality,but she really
> doggedly and creatively trying to solve her problems and she hope
> iboga can help herself , She used mushroom , cannabis more times,but
> never happened psichosis under drug effects . Have experiences  abt
> treating pure psichic problems ?
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