[Ibogaine] Y R we suffering?

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We as a society are bad at turning our backs on any1 thats different or  
addicted or psycologicaly unstable when usualy all they need is love and  
acceptance and non-judgemental guidance.
So Big LOVE to U ALL!!!
Tanz in KIWI-LAND!!! 

Tanz, when I read this "all we need is love" by the Beatles exploded in my  
head complete with horn parts and harmonies. So thanx for that this mornin'.  
Different?....yea.....Addicted?.....not any more.........Psychologically  
unstable?......Me?.......I couldn't be 'cause I control the universe and if  I was 
like .....crazy...... the universe would implode on itself and chaos  would 
rule and chaos can't rule when I control all. "I must be first to get  my 
medication, I'm always first." Pee Wee Herman (Nice  Dreams)          Love and manic 
 depression     Randy
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