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LAAM is  very long acting...  So ... you dose with ibogaine, it resets your  
tolerance, and THEN WHAT...?  Well, it's entirely probable that all  those 
Levo-Alpha Acetyl Methadol molecules which are still floating  around and hangin' 
out in your body, will promptly re-attach themselves to  your receptors, and 
the dose that was stabilizing you a few hours ago, will  proceed to kill you, 
'cuz your tolerance has been  reset

Thank God that LAMM aint around anymore. I was just thinkin'  hypothetically. 
What you say makes a lot of sense. I wish that all people using  Ibogaine for 
Methadone could get short acting opiates for two weeks before the  treatment. 
That way they wouldn't have to go through the trials and  tribulations that I 
went through. 'Course it didn't have anything to do  with the fact that I did 
probably 150 to 200 mgs a day for two weeks and up to  the day before my 
treatment when my dose was supposed to 60 mgs. And I didn't  tell my provider. 
Naaaa that wouldn't have anything to do with me not being able  to sleep for a 
lotsa days afterwards, and throwin' up till I lost my voice  during the 
treatment. Naaaaaaaa that wouldn't affect the treatment would  it? That half life is a 
bitch. LAMM is even worse. I can see where what you  are saying could happen. 
I guess bein' honest with your provider is a pretty  good idea huh?         
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