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Dana has  personally, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars  
over the  years, backing up his intentions, with action. 

I'm gonna say it again. THANX DANA, for me personally, and for what you  have 
done for the movement. We have argued a time or two and I have been pissed  
at ya once or twice but I love you like a brother when it comes right down to  
it. I hope you know that. I've got a lot of things going on but I'm gonna be  
seeing you real soon. And thanx for clearing this  up            
 Patrick. I really didn't know what the hell all of this was about,  I've 
been missin' for a while and lost track of what is going on. And before  anybody 
accuses me of sucking up, BLOW ME, I got my reasons for this. Those who  know, 
know. So on that note (Fsharp diminished 5th.........no not 5th I'll never  
drink again.....9th)       Peace  Yall         Randy   PS  I'll never channel 
Charles Bukowski  again.    
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