[Ibogaine] correction

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Tue Oct 3 20:56:21 EDT 2006

Kids, KidZ, ChildrenS ... I step out of the room for 5 minutes and  
alla youz are beating each other over the heyd with sledgehammers.

All I'm gonna do, is step back a few paces and take a look at the  
Bigger Picture. Have Dana's recent actions been particularly helpful  
in furthering the cause of ibogaine...? Well, prolly not. Would it be  
a good idea to occasionally roll the dice, and try to get a sanity  
check...? You bet!  Is anything that is being said here going to  
change anything? Fuck no.

Dana is less than perfect, oh well.  So's everybody, including  
YOU ... although, I realize you may not be aware of this.  At 23 I  
WAS perfect and knew all the answers to the Whole Entire Everything.   
It wasn't until I hit 30 that I realized I was a complete idiot.   
Enjoy your state of grace while it lasts.

When all is said and done ... Rob Kampia is grumpy, oh well.   
<Shrug>  Shit happens.  No it wasn't exactly the ideal letter to send  
out.  Yes it WAS rude to Rob, as were the comments that followed and  
were sent out to this list.  Probably it will not directly pave the  
wave for a glorious integration of ibogaine into the middle of all  
these different groups' agendas.  But then, it's not like that was  
gonna be happening Any Minute Now, anywaze.  Bummer n' all, but it's  
really not the End of The World as We Know It.

Dana HAS done a tremendous amount of good for a variety of causes.   
If ibogaine happens to be sumthin' you care about, behind all the  
bullshit, Dana has personally, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars  
over the years, backing up his intentions, with action.  He  
believes.  He does his best.  Often, he is very effective at causing  
positive change ... at other times he just becomes frustrated and  
vents.  He's human.

By the way, Dave ... who the fuck are YOU?  Were you the do0d in the  
top hat?  I asked this before, I don't think you ever replied, sorry  
if you have and I missed it.  Are you with SSDP...?  'Cuz nobody at  
SSDP seems to be aware of you, at least not under the name "Dave Brock 
(man)" or Broc.


On Sep 22, 2006, at 2:32 PM, Dave Brockman wrote:

> On 9/22/06, Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:
>> Do I detect a whiff of sarcasm in this post?
> Only in your head.
>> Apparently you are not, as some suspect, a friend of Rob Kampia.
> Say what? I never said I was a friend of Rob Kampia, exactly what I've
> said is that you acted like a dick to him for no reason except your
> special contribution looks like it is alienating peeps who are already
> on the same side and fracturing groups even further with no gain at
> all. MPP and NORML argue with each other, depending on what side you
> want to believe, Kampia was either fired or he quit, so he went and
> got millions from Lewis and did his own thing. You just dis everybody.
>> You just
>> don't like anything to be posted to this list that's overly  
>> critical of
>> anyone associated with ibogaine or drug legalization.
> Say what? The only person I've ever critisized on this list is YOU.
> Just you, not the ibogaine movement, you Dana. YOU. Not how you dress,
> not how you live, not what you believe, but how you personally,
> alienate other people, personally, all in the name of ibogaine.
> "They're against ibogaine" no, they're not, they never were, in fact
> Kampia didn't even dis you back, exactly what he said was "You're very
> rude and disrespectul, don't ever contact me again" Do you get it yet?
> Inside your head everything is all about YOU, I'm critizising how YOU
> alienate people who are already on the same side, for no reason. But
> you can't handle that, inside your head I am critisizing the entire
> ibogaine movement, because inside your head YOU are the entire
> ibogaine movement.
>> Fortuitously, an article came in this morning that was not written  
>> by me
>> (note Cures not Wars is not even listed, so it couldn't be by me)  
>> that
>> explains some of the differences between NORML and MPP. I hope  
>> that you can
>> see that my criticisms are widely shared, and not a just a matter  
>> of  me
>> going around trashing people as you implied in your last post. As the
>> dispute between Lotsof and Mash shows, there are real politiical  
>> differences
>> that stand in the way of progress with ibogaine--differences that  
>> deserve to
>> be aired and shared with the ibogaine list. Anyone who wants to  
>> read it can
>> scroll down past Boaz's post....
> Thanks Dana, I've read it and you just made my point again. Read your
> own list of Marijuana Reform. You just posted this. Notice anything
> about it? Cures Not Wars isn't there. The MMM was started by you
> wasn't it? The MMM continues to be a huge force for positive change,
> yet even within the fractured medical marijuana movement, in this big
> letter you enclosed and I guess agree with, YOU don't exist. Your own
> movement doesn't recognize YOU. Do you see CNW anywhere here? I don't.
> Why is that Dana, I mean YOU are the ibogaine movement, YOU personally
> started medical marijuana right. So where are YOU?
> Nowhere, because no matter how much good you do, which is a lot to
> give you props, YOU follow it up by dissing everybody, not the
> "enemy", peeps within the movement on the same side, because
> everything is always about YOU and your egotrip.
> Which was my only question that began all of this, why do YOU
> constantly attack and alienate peeps who are already on the same side,
> in the same cause? That's all YOU Dana. It's not the ibogaine
> movement, it's not the marijuana movement. It's YOU. I wasn't even
> dissing you when this began, I was asking why do you keep doing that
> when you went off on Rob and wrote him real obnoxious hate mail and
> went and posted it everywhere, it makes no sense because you do
> contribute to all these causes a lot, then end up alienating all of
> them, for no reason except your egotrip and EVERYBODY has a ego, but
> it's like YOU are the only one who can't get along, you're too
> egotistical and disrespectful, even in a group of other egomaniacs.
> -broc
>> Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics
>> They're aiming to change the laws that prohibit medical access to
>> marijuana.
>> www.marijuana-as-medicine.org
>> Drug Policy Alliance
>> They're working to end the War on Drugs and for policies to be  
>> based on
>> compassion and science.
>> www.drugpolicy.org
>> Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
>> They support drug regulation rather than prohibition.
>> www.leap.com
>> Marijuana Policy Project
>> They want to "reduce the harm associated with marijuana" and  
>> believe prison
>> causes the greatest harm.
>> www.mpp.org
>> National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
>> They're trying to educate in order to repeal the prohibition of  
>> marijuana
>> for responsible adult use.
>> www.norml.org
>> Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation
>> They're trying to educate people about the harms of alcohol  
>> compared to
>> marijuana and support legalized adult use.
>> www.saferchoice.org
>> Other groups:
>> -Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics
>> -Americans for Safe Access
>> -Patients Out of Time
>> -Voluntary Committee of Lawyers
>> -Angel Wings Patient Outreach
>> -Business Alliance in Hemp
>> -Campaign For New Drug Policies (CA)
>> -Cannabis Consumers Campaign
>> -Change the Climate (MA)
>> -Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
>> -Efficacy (CT)
>> -FAMM (DC)
>> -Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
>> -Human Rights Watch/HR95
>> -Harm Reduction Founders Network/Family Watch
>> -Hemp Industries Association
>> -Vote Hemp
>> -Institute for Policy Studies (DC)
>> -Marijuana Party
>> -Marijuana Reform Party (NYC)
>> -MAMA (OR)
>> -National Advocates for Pregnant Women
>> -Parents Ending Prohibition
>> -Ohio Patient Network
>> -The Trebach Institute (DC)
>> -Virginians Against Drug Violence
>> -Sensible Seattle
>> -WAMM (Santa Cruz)

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