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> LAAM was approved because it was developed by the National  
> Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).  It took them about twenty years.   
> At one point all of their data was disallowed by the FDA because  
> the contract research organization they were using was found to be  
> guilty of some FDA submission offense so all of that company's data  
> was disallowed including that for LAAM.      I haven't probably  
> gotten that exactly right but, close enough.  Once LAAM was  
> approved after some years they found that it had associated cardiac  
> fatalities and the manufacturer discontinued it as it was not  
> exactly a money maker. I am not sure whether anyone on LAAM was  
> ever treated with ibogaine.  My guess would be not unless they were  
> first transferred to a short acting narcotic, a common practice on  
> St. Kitts to my understanding. What is interesting is that LAAM is  
> an example of a schedule I drug that was rescheduled.  This is most  
> likely what would happen with ibogaine if it is ever moved through  
> the FDA approval process. The FDA approved an ibogaine study at the  
> University of Miami in 1993 but the work was abandoned when D. Mash  
> opted to open St. Kitts rather than continue the work.
> Howard
> Thanx Howard, I figured if anybody had any information on this it  
> would be you. I was thinking that if anyone HAD been treated for  
> addiction to LAMM the information gathered might be beneficial to  
> those who were seeking help for methadone. I would imagine that  
> LAMM would take more than just a flood dose. Maybe boosters for up  
> to two weeks, or a follow up treatment in a week or two, but that's  
> just a guess. Thanx again Howard.       Randy

LAAM is very long acting...  So ... you dose with ibogaine, it resets  
your tolerance, and THEN WHAT...?  Well, it's entirely probable that  
all those Levo-Alpha Acetyl Methadol molecules which are still  
floating around and hangin' out in your body, will promptly re-attach  
themselves to your receptors, and the dose that was stabilizing you a  
few hours ago, will proceed to kill you, 'cuz your tolerance has been  

'Course, nuthin' is ever as black and white as all that, and  
pharmacokinetics are a complex <SplaT>, so it's entirely possible,  
that somewhere out there -- perhaps on this very list -- there's some  
person who will SPEAK OUT, and say exactly the opposite, "Mahn, I wuz  
on LAAM, Xanax, barbs, ludes, and had a few drinks before blasting  
off with ibogaine...  And I'm BETTER THAN EVER, and still talk and  
think real good!  So fuck ya alls, alla ya's!!!@#!!"

It's a *really* poor idea.  But, it's not like that's ever stopped  
anybody before.  And if what wuz supposed to kill you, actually  
did ... well, roughly half the people on the list, wouldn't be alive  
to read this right now.

Short summary: nobody "sane" and involved with ibogaine treatment,  
would ever knowingly risk dosing a patient who was on LAAM, without  
switching 'em over to a short-acting opiate/opioid prior to this event.

LAAM was pulled off the market in the glorious US of A, in 2003; it  
was pulled out of European markets in 2001.  There isn't anybody left  
that's still on it ... legally anyway, 'cuz, once again, who the  
knows.  Somewhere in Pigs Knuckle Idaho, or Utah, or WhereverTheFuck,  
there may well be a lost HORDE of LAAM and sekRet groups of people,  
still doin' it, and you can prolly buy it over the counter in  
Thailand ... but, who the fuck would want to.  Although it was real  
popular with street people in NYC around 1998/9, "Yo, ya' kin' get  
lokt up, processed, and out da door, and ya ain't even sick!  It's  
tha shit!  It still in ya!  It hode on tight!"

Dr. Kroupa

Department of Bioassays / University of Little Cuba

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