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yep sara glatt is a very experienced specialist
try the mail,if it doesnt work write me,i ill give ya her tel num
as i know in canada at vancouver making ibo treatment for free

2006/9/29, Preston Peet <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com>:
> >My concern is that he go somewhere that is as safe as possible.  This does
> not have to be a "clinic".  I would much rather have him with a skilled
> guide and caretaker.  I also want to know that it is someone who won't take
> my money and run, so to speak.<
> Personally, I'd highly recommend Sara Glatt in Amsterdam (actually
> Breukelen, just outside Amsterdam). I know that sounds weird, to go TO
> Amsterdam to kick drugs, but many of us have, and I'm speaking from personal
> experience. Going to see and stay with her was the best way of taking
> ibogaine I've come across, and had more of a lasting effect (even with a
> couple of short-term cocaine relapses since early Feb. which lasted just a
> couple weeks both times) than taking it in my own home in NYC.
> Sara
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>   sara119 at xs4all.nl
> Best of luck to you and to both your sons. It's a hard road to hoe for both
> addict and loved one/relative. As I guess you're long aware by now.
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> Dear Ibo List
> Thank you so much for all of you who responded to me so quickly.  I wondered
> if this would be an active list and I woke up to find many responses in my
> emails.  Like I said, I'm a nurse (OB).  I work nights. here's a little more
> information about me: We live in North Carolina.  My sons are 27 and 29.
> The younger one became addicted to prescription opiates as a result of
> migraine headaches which started at age 10/11.  His pediatricain and
> neurologist gave him tons of narcotics...including IV Demerol injections and
> lots of Vicoden.  By early teens he was seriously addicted and obtaining
> pills any way he could.  When he was 18 he started on Methadone.  We thought
> it would be a short term fix but obviously it was not.  My other son is also
> on methadone for prescription opiate addiction.  He has only been on
> methadone a couple of years.  I think all of us thought that Methadone was
> our miracle at the begining.  Over the the years being tied to a very
> shadily run Methadone clinic has been horrible.  As an RN I have many times
> wanted to report them for unethical behavior, but of course, I can't.  I
> still think Methadone has been a life saver in some ways.  My younger son
> has recently started adding cocaine to the mix.  He says he just can't stand
> the doped up, lethagic feeling he gets from methadone and cocaine makes him
> feel "alive" for a little while.  I can understand this.  Last week he
> begged me to try to help him get ibogaine and help him to get his life back.
>  His health is pretty good, so far as we know.  I feel that ibo would be no
> more risk to him than continuing on the path he's on now.  As I mentioned I
> have been researching ibo for many years.  I was on a list with Howard
> Lotsof for a while. My other son met Dana Beal at a million marijuana march
> a couple of years ago and discussed treatment with him ( can't get in touch
> with him, right now...we've tried)  I have tried to contact the folks in
> Vancouver BC.  From what I've seen online, Marc Emery is having legal
> problems so I don't know if he is unreachable.
> By the way, I would not consider ultra rapid detox. I think it is much more
> dangerous than ebo.
> Being a spiritual (but definitely not traditional religious) person, I feel
> that ibo is a sacred plant put here on earth for our use as a cure.  My son
> has said he would like to include an aspect of this in his treatment.
> My concern is that he go somewhere that is as safe as possible.  This does
> not have to be a "clinic".  I would much rather have him with a skilled
> guide and caretaker.  I also want to know that it is someone who won't take
> my money and run, so to speak.
> You all are the answer to my prayers.  I will definitly be contacting some
> of you offline for more info.
> Keep it coming. I will read every letter.
> Blessings, Pat

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