Beam Me Up Capt. Kirk!!!!!

firefly lik4luk at
Tue Oct 3 04:43:49 EDT 2006

Hey ova there My Yankee Imperson Fwends!!
  I Love U Guys & Miss U So Wealy Much,
   Man dats soo funny bout ya nephew n da monsta dude-hee hee'.
  Dats almost better than Kickin mickey mouse in da knees!U beta ave done that Kirkee or else.
  Oh man I got sooooo much news and my Ibo-mind is way faster than my falangees.
  Big HEY 2 Zoe HHeeYY!!
  C Ya Swoon,
  and mwah to all out there - take it easy,not 2 easy U'll take sum of da fun away or use it up faster!!
  Love Tanz.

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