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> Howard I know you hate Dr. Mash and I understand your viewpoint, but
> what you say doesn't jibe with her submitting grants to NIDA and
> having all of them shot down and not being able to get funding. If
> nobody is paying for the studies to continue, how is it that she's
> supposed to do them?
> KV
The original contract with the university of miami indicated they would 
provide everything except the pharmaceutical grade ibogaine for the study.   My 
former company NDA International, Inc. supplied the ibogaine.   See: 
http://www.puzzlepiece.org/ibogaine/010998c.html and then scroll down to the contract, 
exhibit A.   where you will find:

4. UM shall serve as sponsor for the Study and in that capacity furnish
or cause to be furnished in accordance with the Protocol at no charge to
NDA all facilities and services reasonably required for the Study,
including the following:

  A. Ten qualified volunteer cocaine dependent subjects and four volunteer
non-cocaine dependent control subjects (collectively hereinafter called the
"Subjects") who meet the needs of the Study;

  B. A clinical environment suitable for the treatment episodes consisting
of a private room for each Subject capable of being darkened; and

  C. A treatment team consisting of the appropriate category of personnel
as stipulated in the Protocol for the administration of the Procedure.

Hope that sheds some light on this.

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