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Levo  alphacetylmethadol (LAAM), for example, was a
Schedule I drug when it was  developed as a narcotic treatment drug.
However, the potential for brain  damage in humans, as well as the
deaths of some clients undergoing ibogaine  "treatment" in Europe,
raises concerns regarding future administration of  Ibogaine to humans

I've been reading and getting rid of old mail and came across this. Why  
would LAAM get approved so fast and not Ibogaine. It is my understanding that  
there was a lot of deaths behind the administering of LAMM. I know personally a  
couple of guys in KY that damn near died from this stuff. I know that it is no 
 longer being used in KY, what about the rest of the US? It's like a longer  
acting methadone isn't it? Has anyone ever been treated with Ibogaine 
treatments  for LAMM? I'm curious and any input is welcomed  here.       Randy
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