[Ibogaine] A glowing review of Iboga Therapy House in Canada

Sandra Karpetas sandra at ibogatherapyhouse.net
Mon Oct 2 17:53:21 EDT 2006

The story so far...(uber short version)

Marc's funding ceased in June of '04.The ITH became a non-profit in May 
'05. I was the third employee hired in the project to help Marc with 
intake, programming and to setup a protocol for research. I basically 
become director in mid 2003 and continued trying to improve and continue 
the project after he could no longer fund it. We tried applying to 
Health Canada for funding, but  we need to do some solid data collection 
and research before they can justify funding something like this (that 
is now what we are working towards). It took a long while to set it all 
up again in an improved, holistic, safe and supportive scenario but we 
did so with encouragement from MAPS (multidisciplinary association for 
psychedelic studies - www.maps.org). We reopened in March of '06 with a 
whole new setup, team and programming model (harm reduction therapy 
based). We do have to charge for the therapy unfortunately but are doing 
so as a non-profit because our end goal is to do the research that it 
takes to eventually make it available to the people who need it most. We 
have a team of 9 wonderful and knowledgeable facilitators including a 
nurse, a med student and a massage therapist, 2 emergency medical 
technicians, a substance counselor and myself as director and facilitator.

We have been working on a protocol for an observational study with MAPS 
on the long-term effects of ibo treatment for chemical dependence. MAPS 
finally gained ethical approval for the study this August. We are 
beginning the study in November. More info here: 

We've come a long way I think, and further still yet to go...and that 
goes for the whole ibogaine movement. Keep up the good work everybody, 
we know what the potentials are and they are astounding, no?



Re: [Ibogaine] A glowing review of Iboga Therapy House in Canada
Vector Vector <vector620022002 at yahoo.com>
Mon, 2 Oct 2006 07:22:22 -0700 (PDT)

ibogaine at mindvox.com

ITH was started by Canadian cannabis activist Mark Emery. All
treatments were given away for free. I think Mark started ITH because
Dana Beal introduced him to ibogaine and Mark wanted to detox his son.
Sandra was the 4th or 5th employee there and one of the main ones who
stayed on, the new ITH would have just re opened in the last couple
weeks I think. The funding it had in the past which was 100% donated by
Mark stopped after his major bust a year+ back when he could no longer
afford to fund it out of his pocket.



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