Ibogaine hurdles, emotions, not relapsings

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I find  someone to 
> distract me for even just one night,  

Preston, it's funny how things like this go sometimes. When you and I  were 
talking I heard a couple of lines from a song I wrote the last time I was  
staying in the LES at Dana's. The last two verses go like this.....
                They say that when you lookin' you'll never find one and 
that's true
               So  I aint lookin' for no ladies.......not one like you
                I need another woman like I need another hole in my head
               But  that crazy girl in Nashville.....well I won't tell yall 
what she said
                      Harmonica lead
                Can you see the dilemma .......that I find myself in
                 sometimes it's so hard to live inside my skin
                 But I'm still lookin' for a lady....for even just one night
                 'Cause God I love that feelin' ......be it wrong or be it 
Much love to ya my brutha. You can get through this no matter what  happens. 
It's OK to     make plans, just don't plan on  results. Take one thing at a 
time and take pride in the fact that you are  Preston Peet.          "Cause  
it's a good life........to good to lose........and it's a hard world with the  
junky blue's"  (Ten Years After)       Love  and laughter       Randy   PS I 
forgot  to say that I don't think Ibogaine has been detrimental to you, I think 
it has  given you insight enough to be able to deal with this as good as you 
are right  now. My opinion, useless as it is

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