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Well I am so envious. I dont know if I can ever save enough to get  the ibo 
treatment. I am on 190mg methadone. Been on the Meth 10 years. I am  actually 
now wishing I had never heard of Ibogaine. Just another wonderfull  thing that 
I cant see how I'll ever get. Ok now off my pity trip I am glad for  those who 
have benefited though. God Bless all of  you

Dude, I can attest to this. If you resign yourself to feeling just a little  
off for a while it can be done. Taper down your dose as much as you can. Start 
 taking vitamin supplements like a good B complex, calcium-magnesium  combo, 
and lottso C, gather up some Valerien root, and whatever non  addicting 
substance helps you sleep, do all the research you stand on Ibogaine,  and have a 
therapist ready for afterwards. Ibogaine works but especially with  methadone it 
is work too. Methadone leaves a few little residual withdrawals  afterwards. 
I know I did it. I didn't taper and that made it very hard but I got  through 
it and I'm somewhat of a puss when it comes to things like that,  
sooooooooooooooooooooooo. Stay with us and bitch and ask questions, whatever  just stay 
with us. I would have lost my mind without this list before and after  my 
treatment. 'Course some around here will say I already lost my mind anyway  but I'm 
so delusional I can ignore that. He He       Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will 
Follow (George  Clinton)                  Randy
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