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  Words always fall short with emothions like that.  My 2 cents is prepair
for a "relaps" i.e. what is the best way that IF "that" happens to let
it be just a thing to shrug off and move on.  Rather then add more quick
sand to an already difficult situation.  But their is nothing I can say
that will make any of that easy.  I'm still re-learning how to flirt,
meet new people as a 'single' and all the fun paradigm changes that go
with being in post-long term relationship-land.

All I can say is what I am trying to keep in my mind, how to Adapt better,
easier said then done.

You know your always free to write me if you want to.

By the way do you have a PO Box or something? let me know please



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Negroponte,  I notice you have 6 fingers on your right hand

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