[Ibogaine] need information

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Oct 1 13:02:53 EDT 2006

Hey Karl,

The trouble is that a lot of the rootbark available in the UK is shite, in
my experience. It hasn't been kept properly and was probably crap when the
wholesaler gave it to whoever is now selling it. A lot comes through France
and French-speaking countries and these guys are always selling us their
crap wine too. Good quality rootbark, and I mean like the best, is about 4%
ibogaine base and the other iboga alkaloids add up to a total of about the
same strength again. This means really top class iboga rootbark is about
1/12th the strength of pure ibogaine. So, if you were going to take maybe
1.2g of pure ibogaine then you'd need about 15g of iboga rootbark to get the
same effect.

But, like I say, most of the rootbark you get in the UK is shite, and likely
completely useless for doing something like detoxing which requires a good
blast of iboga energy into the system. Assuming you don't have access to a
lab to test it, then the only way you can test it is to maybe do 5 or 10g of
it as an extract, or just by eating it. There is instruction on making an
extract at www.ibogaine.co.uk/extract.htm

£90 for 50g is like really fucking cheap. I mean, maybe you're very lucky,
maybe a new source has opened up here which I don't know about, or if you
ask me more likely it's just crap. Try some, like I say. At 10g you should
get a good basic experience even if you're on heavy opiates. If very little
happens then I think you probably need a different source.


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        mat this is all to complicated for me i have problem writing my name
how do i callculate these mg and alcoloids all i know is i have 50 grams of
tamberanthe iboga rootbark it cost £90  my body weight is 65kilos this is
why i have not used it yet as i dont want to die ,doing a human

    marko <marko at phantom.com> wrote:
      Matt, Karl,

      don't forget that there are other active IBOga alkaloids in the
rootbark, too. Calculate them in the dose!


      Matthew Shriver wrote:
        Whether or not you need more than one treatment is really just a
matter of how you react to the initial treatment.  I don’t think there are
any hard and fast rules relating number of treatments to the dosage you are
on.  In other words whoever told you that you will need three treatments
doesn’t know that with any certainty.  As to how much you need to take for a
therapeutic addiction interruption dose, it should be around 25mg/kg give or
take a few mg/kg.  So for example if you weighed 100kg then you would need
25mg * 100 or 2500mg, which is 2.5 grams of ibogaine.  When I got off of
74mg of methadone I used an ibogaine dose equivalent to 25mg/kg and it was
plenty.  I don’t know what the concentration of ibogaine is in the root bark
but you should be able to get an estimate that will help you figure out the
dosage.  Say for example the concentration is 5%.  That would be 50mg of
ibogaine per gram of root bark.  So for our example above you would need
2500mg/50mg per gram which equals 50 grams of root bark.  I used easy round
numbers but this is basically the procedure.   But having said this, let me
also say that based on your posts to the list and your seeming confusion
about list posts being emails directly to you I feel that I need to also
say, DO NOT TAKE IBOGAINE LIGHTLY.  As you stated in another post people
have died from it.  Make sure you understand what dose you are taking before
you take it.  And that is in addition to the myriad other precautions.  An
additional consideration for you is going to be keeping all that shit in
your stomach so that you absorb the full dose.  You might want to consider
getting ibogaine hcl for the treatment dose and saving the root bark for
follow up doses.


        From: Karl Charlton [mailto:darrascourt at yahoo.co.uk]
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              my freind you dont no me so how can you be sure that you know
more about any subject , i m off target and what was it im off target about
my friend im no expert on iboga i never said i was i got an email askin 4
some info about iboga and treatment and i told what  i knew  but in any way
thank s you say iboga treatment is so good well my friend i dont no as i
have not done it yet ,i am on methadone im on 155mills per day and the
reason i have not used the stuff i have is i dont no how much to take people
have said that for  the amount of methadone i on i will need 3 treatments
the stuff i have is the root bark its the same stuff the indians take i have
got a bag with 50 gram in its totaly legal here in the uk so its not hard to
get a hold off it so my friend what would you do if you were in my position,
how would you take the ibo so i can do my detox and not have a withdrall

          Matthew Shriver <Matt at ITSupport.net> wrote:
          You say there are many different treatments that would be better
than ibogaine, what treatments are those exactly?  I know of no treatment
for opiate addiction that is anywhere near as effective as ibogaine.  None
at all.  And, not to be a dick about it but since no one else has called you
on it, have you even taken ibogaine?  I know you have said you are (or were)
using heroin and are (or were) on methadone, are you still?  You said in
your first post to this list that you had some ibogaine then you posted some
vague random stuff about getting some.  My point is simply this, what
exactly are your credentials to be giving advice to people about ibogaine?
I don’t mean to come off as arrogant or anything, my own credentials are
simply that I am (or was) an addict, I have taken ibogaine a number of
times, and I am now clean, but I try to be upfront that those are my
credentials.  I try to speak from my personal experience as much as
possible.  This is a public forum and anyone can chime in at any time about
whatever they want but that opens the possibility for people to give totally
off target advice.  And I believe that uninformed advice can be very
damaging so that is the reason behind my confronting you on this issue.


          From: Karl Charlton [mailto:darrascourt at yahoo.co.uk]
          Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2006 9:19 AM
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          Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] need information

                hi pat
                        how did you get my email address ,there are a lot of
ibogaine cliniks around ,but the problem you will find is  that most of them
are not licensed ,there are cliniks all over the world ,ibogaine is not for
every one ,and it is very tricky when on methadone as they may need a few
treatments as you will all ready no that methadone stays in the boldy for a
long time ,also how are your sons health ,when i say this have they had
blood tests in the last 6  months , also tratment vary in price  you can pay
from £200 up to£15000 for treatments some cliniks are over seas and have
great facilities but some are only after money ,how much methadone are your
sons on do they take it in the form of levery day pick up our do they get in
tablet form , there are many diffrent treatments than my view would be
better than ibogaine ,is the reason they have chose ibogaine because they
dont want to feel the withdral ?yours karl

            LUNA3am at aol.com wrote:
            I am a new subscriber on your list.  My interest in ibogaine
began  a number of years ago and I was on an ibogaine list for  a couple of
years.  I have two adult sons on Methadone as well as other drug issues from
time to time.  They are both interested in ibogaine treatment.  I am a nurse
and well aware of the risks and potential benefits of ibogaine. I have done
as much research as I can online. I need help finding a responsible clinic.
Because I see it as perhaps a last hope I am willing to foot the bill (to
the degree my limited income will allow) but I need to be sure of who I'm
paying and who will be taking care of my children.  Does anyone on this list
have personal experience and would be willing to talk to me?  One of my sons
is rather desperate and wants to do this as soon as possible.  I'm hoping
that I have turned to the right place for help.  Thank you.  Pat


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