[Ibogaine] ultimate pre, during, post ibo suppliment / care protocol?Rubber plants

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I hear opium is also part of the rubber plant family-and I do know of a death in dn(heart faliure no previous heart probs) from an opium taste.I know it is an odd theory but I am sure that at least sum of the ibo fatalities could poss be related to the Latex based sap.I will find the site I read about the sap being latex based and send the link.I just so want to find the prob and highly reduce the possability of more deaths and also more charges to providers and great people like you Howard.Yeah I am a suk up but am well on the way to setting up ibo clinics here in Dunedin(1st) and have alot of backing from Dr's,Psych reg's,nurses even a city councillor and also massage therapist and many more.So I will keep suking up til I can get you here Howard so we can continue to heal the world-aw wouldnt bob geldof be proud!!!

HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:
  I don't think Tabernanthe iboga is related to rubber plants.  But, I am always open to being proven wrong.




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  This is a new theory. So far no confirming evidence, no reports
that anyone who died after taking ibogaine was allergic to rubber.

On Sat, 30 Sep 2006 06:16:09 -0700 Brad Hays
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>here's one I haven't seen mentioned too often:
>Just a note but if u have an allergy to Latex as iboga is a rubber

>plant be
>very careful.You'll know if u r allergic if you have had adverse
>to rubber gloves or comdoms-not as unusual as you'd think.
>kool have a great safe journey,

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