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> this is on tonight here about the Iboga treatment.
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I asked one of my Dutch speaking friends to monitor the program and I 
received a glowing report that follows. It would be very positive if the Dutch were 
to pick up the research. Very good work Sara.

This is a very positive pro-Ibogaine documentary. Nova also holds high
regard in terms of scientific reporting - it's excellent - you can be really
stoked about this.

Leenders and Fromberg simply explain that yes Ibogaine really works, there
is no doubt about it and Fromberg says it even has been proven in
pharmacological research done in Rotterdam (not sure which research he's
referring to). When asked about the "shady treatment settings" like the ones
with Sara, Leenders says these settings are not shady at all. Where there is
demand there is supply, and if the government doesn't provide it other
people will. He also says that Ibogaine is not a recreational substance,
that the experience is really intense and should be done under proper

It is the Ministry of Health that come out as the bad guys for not studying
Ibogaine. The Ministry admits comparing Ibogaine to
Naltrexone-under-narcosis and they are saying that since Naltrexone didn't
work with cravings then Ibogaine would be doubtable in this department as
well. They are somewhat vaguely saying that this now might be a wrong

The documentary ends on the note saying that Ibogaine is not being research
in Holland (and it really is making the Dutch government look like idiots
because they mention this) and that it IS being researched in other
countries, like the USA and that conclusive, positive information is
expected within the next few years as to how/why it works.

Wow! Very, very cool documentary. Be stoked, very stoked! Leenders and
Fromberg are 100+% behind Ibogaine, nothing but super-positive stuff from
them; they are your allies.

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