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music definitely puts me in a "buzzed" state, and I've used music I can't 
count how many times to get through the worst of withdrawals- it seriously 
helped me through weeks of methadone withdrawal years ago, combined with 
Post ibogaine, I find I'm much more adventerous musically too.
Peace, love and respect.
"If God dropped acid, would he see people?"  ~Steven Wright

Peace and love.
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I wonder is there anything in that idea of Jazz creating effects
similar to cannibis.  I painted my room while listening to Miles Davis
album Bitches Brew, really trippy, and I felt in an altered state.  I
want to paint some pictures under the influence of Jazz :-)


On 3/25/06, Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:
> On Mar 25, 2006, at 11:16 AM, cm wrote:
> > hi 'Preston', i went to your link and from what i read the germans
> > did invent it. i got my info, not a reliable source i know, from
> > the movie sid & nancy years ago.
> > when they are being dosed they get this big lecture about the
> > germans having made the shit and he didnt like seeing american kids
> > chugging it.
> > so i then asked someone more on the subject and the told me it did
> > come from the germans cos one of hitlers generals was an addict. im
> > pretty sure the person i asked all those years ago is now sleeping
> > upstairs. i'll go and prod him later and find out.
> The truth is more interesting. ReichsMarshall Goering was addicted to
> opiates--and so squandered the military/ industrial complex the Nazis
> had seized from the Jews, Czechs and others -- equivalent to the
> entire military/idustrial complex of the Soviet Union, which Goering
> had Hitler put him in charge of -- that the Nazis literally lost the
> war while he was on the nod.
> When he was put on trial at Nuremberg and the Allies cut off his
> opiates, he lost a lot of weight, came to his senses and led the
> defense of the Regime-members on the dock. Prosecutors said he was by
> far the smartest of the defendents; but it was a little late, since
> as head of the Luftwaffe he could have developed the jet 4 years
> earlier and won the war. But he wasted his years in power plundering
> Europe for art for his collection.
> As for the Adolphine controversy, Preston, I think you will find that
> it WAS first developed in Germany out of concern that their
> battlefield supply of opiates might be blockaded, as it had been in
> WW I. But Goering probably got good heroin up to the end, corpulent
> from high living rather than methadone. I find the scenario of
> Hitler's quack doctor Morel being forced to substitute
> methamphetamine for the cocaine in the cocktail of drugs he was
> injected der Fuhrer with much more likely, since there was a sudden
> deterioration in Hitler's performance in 1943, when the cocaine
> blockade really kicked in. I think those injections also may have
> included belladonna.
> But it was crystal meth, not methadone, that the Germans gave their
> soldiers. That's nothing-- in some of those recent investigation of
> the U.S. Air Force bombing the wrong wedding party, the fact once
> again surfaced that they routinely put their pilots on ten milligrams
> of speed "to improve performance" (i.e, bomb more wedding parties
> because they're seeing insects, snakes and rats... ).
> Frankly, I'm a lot more concerned with the issue of AIDS patients
> here in New York being forced on to methadone for their peripheral
> neuropathy, because it's so much more toxic than the medical
> marijuana the whole system is set up to detect and  penalize, and
> because med-mar just WORKS so much better for neuropathy and phantom
> pain.
> This bizarre pro-opiate, anti-cannabis  attitude perpetuates a Nazi
> vendetta against cannabis that dates back to Eugenics Movement Judge
> Emily Murphy of Alberta who led the campaign to criminalize weed in
> Canada in 1923, predating  Henry Anslinger,  and who is cited by
> Hitler in Mein Kampf as one of his inspirations. Of course Anslinger
> teamed up with Joseph Goebbels in 1937 to pass identical legislation
> against cannabis in August in the US., and September in the Third
> Reich. And Anslinger had a plan promote German-American cooperation
> thru  a mass roundup of jazz musicians and fans who smoke pot. You
> can check with Larry Sloman. I think it was 6,000 people on a Bureau
> of Narcotics list. It was stopped only because they needed many of
> these people to make war films like Casablanca in 1942. (Imagine them
> barging onto the set and grabbing Sam the piano player in the middle
> of the move!) Everyone knew the Nazis hated jazz, so they had had to
> have an obligatory jazz scene in most war movies. The Nazis
> considered to jazz to be a Jewish plot to promote sex between black
> men and white women. And Anslinger believed that because syncopation
> meant you could put in extra beats, jazz replicated pot's time-
> distorting effect, making jazz a form of AURAL cannabis vapor, or
> hash smoke in sonic form.
> Banning Cannabis everywhere was definitely part of Hitler's plan of
> World Conquest. So it's highly ironic that his erstwhile supporters
> such as Anslinger, who spent the war making movies claiming that all
> the heroin was coming from Japan, went on to acheive just that result
> in 1962 thru  the U.N, an organization originally set up to defeat
> Nazism. And Goebbel's Drug Czar, Stringaris became the mentor of
> Gabriel Nahas, whose faked experiments for the U.N. Narcotics Bureau
> were later used to stop the decrim tide in the '70's
> Dana/cnw
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