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Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Sat Mar 25 17:26:07 EST 2006

I didn't want people to misinterpret your refutation of the folk  
myth, is all. Surely you've heard the sub-variant where the inventor  
synthesizes it in 1934-5, names it Adolphine to cash in on Hitler- 
mania (which was real in the early Reich), and gets a  big medal from  
the Nazis. Alas, it sounds great, but isn't true. The website  
probably has it right, since it's based on chemical company documents.

But all the stuff about Goering, Goebbels and Hitler is true--I have  
a book somewhere about Hitler's crazy doctors. New Age medicine is  
not really a very good way to run a Reich (possible reflection on  
Ramtha there). And it IS  true that Anslinger was a nazi creep who  
used his feds to run a regular police state against against  
dissenters who questioned the basis of marijuana prohibition, such as  
Lindesmith, the professor from Indiana who persecution finally moved  
Kennedy to kick Anslinger upstairs to the U.N., where it was thought  
he couldn't do as much mischief.

I can attest that Allen Ginsberg was traumatized by his persecution  
at the hands of Anslinger until the day he died.

JFK himself was a medical marijuana user-- for his bad back. I don't  
think he really thought thru the implications of the U.N. Single  
Convention on Cannabis and other Psychotropic Drugs. This is an  
international treaty all the signatories can pretty much enforce as  
they please, so long as they don't legalize outright. But DEA cited  
it against UDV and are trying to get all signatories to ban ibogaine  
under it.


On Mar 25, 2006, at 4:29 PM, Preston Peet wrote:

>> As for the Adolphine controversy, Preston, I think you will find that
> it WAS first developed in Germany out of concern that their
> battlefield supply of opiates might be blockaded, as it had been in
> WW I.<
> LOL, Where in the world are you getting the impression I said  
> anything but that the Germans invented methadone Dana?
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> We'll bring three junkies also,
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> At the end of the time,
> you have breakfast with your junkies,
> and we'll have breakfast with ours."
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>> On Mar 25, 2006, at 11:16 AM, cm wrote:
>>> hi 'Preston', i went to your link and from what i read the  
>>> germans  did invent it. i got my info, not a reliable source i  
>>> know, from  the movie sid & nancy years ago.
>>> when they are being dosed they get this big lecture about the   
>>> germans having made the shit and he didnt like seeing american  
>>> kids  chugging it.
>>> so i then asked someone more on the subject and the told me it  
>>> did  come from the germans cos one of hitlers generals was an  
>>> addict. im  pretty sure the person i asked all those years ago is  
>>> now sleeping  upstairs. i'll go and prod him later and find out.
>> The truth is more interesting. ReichsMarshall Goering was addicted  
>> to opiates--and so squandered the military/ industrial complex the  
>> Nazis  had seized from the Jews, Czechs and others -- equivalent  
>> to the  entire military/idustrial complex of the Soviet Union,  
>> which Goering  had Hitler put him in charge of -- that the Nazis  
>> literally lost the  war while he was on the nod.
>> When he was put on trial at Nuremberg and the Allies cut off his   
>> opiates, he lost a lot of weight, came to his senses and led the   
>> defense of the Regime-members on the dock. Prosecutors said he was  
>> by  far the smartest of the defendents; but it was a little late,  
>> since  as head of the Luftwaffe he could have developed the jet 4  
>> years  earlier and won the war. But he wasted his years in power  
>> plundering  Europe for art for his collection.
>> As for the Adolphine controversy, Preston, I think you will find  
>> that  it WAS first developed in Germany out of concern that their   
>> battlefield supply of opiates might be blockaded, as it had been  
>> in  WW I. But Goering probably got good heroin up to the end,  
>> corpulent  from high living rather than methadone. I find the  
>> scenario of  Hitler's quack doctor Morel being forced to  
>> substitute  methamphetamine for the cocaine in the cocktail of  
>> drugs he was  injected der Fuhrer with much more likely, since  
>> there was a sudden  deterioration in Hitler's performance in 1943,  
>> when the cocaine blockade really kicked in. I think those  
>> injections also may have included belladonna.
>> But it was crystal meth, not methadone, that the Germans gave  
>> their soldiers. That's nothing-- in some of those recent  
>> investigation of  the U.S. Air Force bombing the wrong wedding  
>> party, the fact once  again surfaced that they routinely put their  
>> pilots on ten milligrams  of speed "to improve performance" (i.e,  
>> bomb more wedding parties  because they're seeing insects, snakes  
>> and rats... ).
>> Frankly, I'm a lot more concerned with the issue of AIDS patients   
>> here in New York being forced on to methadone for their  
>> peripheral  neuropathy, because it's so much more toxic than the  
>> medical  marijuana the whole system is set up to detect and   
>> penalize, and  because med-mar just WORKS so much better for  
>> neuropathy and phantom  pain.
>> This bizarre pro-opiate, anti-cannabis  attitude perpetuates a  
>> Nazi vendetta against cannabis that dates back to Eugenics  
>> Movement Judge Emily Murphy of Alberta who led the campaign to  
>> criminalize weed in Canada in 1923, predating  Henry Anslinger,   
>> and who is cited by  Hitler in Mein Kampf as one of his  
>> inspirations. Of course Anslinger  teamed up with Joseph Goebbels  
>> in 1937 to pass identical legislation  against cannabis in August  
>> in the US., and September in the Third  Reich. And Anslinger had a  
>> plan promote German-American cooperation  thru  a mass roundup of  
>> jazz musicians and fans who smoke pot. You  can check with Larry  
>> Sloman. I think it was 6,000 people on a Bureau  of Narcotics  
>> list. It was stopped only because they needed many of  these  
>> people to make war films like Casablanca in 1942. (Imagine them   
>> barging onto the set and grabbing Sam the piano player in the  
>> middle  of the move!) Everyone knew the Nazis hated jazz, so they  
>> had had to  have an obligatory jazz scene in most war movies. The  
>> Nazis  considered to jazz to be a Jewish plot to promote sex  
>> between black  men and white women. And Anslinger believed that  
>> because syncopation  meant you could put in extra beats, jazz  
>> replicated pot's time- distorting effect, making jazz a form of  
>> AURAL cannabis vapor, or  hash smoke in sonic form.
>> Banning Cannabis everywhere was definitely part of Hitler's plan  
>> of  World Conquest. So it's highly ironic that his erstwhile  
>> supporters  such as Anslinger, who spent the war making movies  
>> claiming that all  the heroin was coming from Japan, went on to  
>> acheive just that result  in 1962 thru the U.N, an organization  
>> originally set up to defeat  Nazism. And Goebbel's Drug Czar,  
>> Stringaris became the mentor of  Gabriel Nahas, whose faked  
>> experiments for the U.N. Narcotics Bureau  were later used to stop  
>> the decrim tide in the '70's
>> Dana/cnw
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