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After watching the rite of passage dvd and being a long term snarler at
Pharamaceuticals, a point was made that it's not just the pharmaceuticals,
it's the SHAREHOLDERS, social stigma blah blah who won't have a bar of it,
so us born again iboganutz need to start our own pharmaceutical, own all the
shares et voila!!
Yeh well, that's from a fried brain, gimmee a break LOL
Koikywoiky going mad.

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Q.3 WHAT HAS BEEN DONE ALREADY? i havent done ibogaine myself yet, still on 
methadone, lowering my dose, going to counselling and getting the money 
together to take 2 months off when i do. from what ive read about ibogaine, 
and ive read alot, NIDA did studies on ibogaine using addicts in the early 
90's, there was a death and the trials stopped.
ive also been told that because ibogaine is largely a one off treatment no 
pharmaceutical co. will put their name to it, no money to be made, dont want

to be affiliated with drug/herion addicts.
and furthermore, if im not wrong the nazis came up with methadone in the 1st

place for one of hitlers generals who was an opium addict so he could go to 
battle. they ended up giving it to their soldiers to get them addicted and 
wouldnt give them more (leave them hanging out) till they made it to the 
next town they were to strike.
so if there was no one left on methadone, there would be no more little 
hitler soldiers running around, how would the government keep such an 
outspoken bunch of people quiet?????
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> This forum is running so fast now, that I really can't catch up reading it

> all. Most of posts seem to me either empty talk or people trying to 
> express their lives misery. Maybe I'm just lazy to read though. I like 
> humour and I like to say that life sucks just as everyone else does, but 
> are we not missing the main point here?
> I really want to do something to bring Ibogaine closer to the light.
> More specifically, I want all addicts to have hope.
> Well, couple questions here!
> Probably towards Mr. Howard, since he is most informed about everything, 
> but if anyone of you feels you have something to comment, please do it!
> First of all, I heard this hundred times, but it's never enough for me, 
> since I was never addicted.
> And I don't want you to understand this question wrong. Can you try to 
> express what may be stated about Ibogaine with no doubt? (Please, do not 
> say 'fuck yeah!' or tell me, it's extract of root of some African plant - 
> I learned that already!)
> Is there a leader person or leader organisation with plan what to provide 
> Ibogaine to everyone who needs it? What steps are missing?
> What communication has been done with different governments, drug centres,

> hospitals, and rich people?
> How far did it come in scientific researches?
> Were there any courses done in public places, schools or churches?
> What about posters and so?
> I found endless sources on Internet, but what about TV shows?
> Was Ibogaine ever mentioned in any mass-movie?
> Can you estimate, how many people has already heard about Ibogaine and how

> many are positive about it?
> I agree here, that main problem is, that most people don't have even idea 
> that something like Ibogaine could exist. What can we do about it?
> There is .eu domain registration open now. (Did anyone of you try domain 
> Ibogaine.com or Ibogaine.info - what does this content have to do with 
> Ibogaine? Well, .com probably expires next year and .info at september. 
> There are no pages on .org, which is registered to NDA.) I would like to 
> register Ibogaine.eu and Detox.eu domains and make very general web pages 
> with tons of links, explanations, statistics and so. What do you people 
> think about it, is there someone here interested in helping me?
> I have two side questions: From what disease was treated the African lady 
> in Rite of passage movie? Would you mind me to convert the movie to divx 
> and publish it on Internet?
> I'm pretty certain that I would get more replies if I needed some personal

> help. Well that's cool too. You are nice people and love and personal help

> is sure most important. But I still believe that this fucked-up world may 
> be made better by good people joining together and doing something big.
> Please participate in improving in what all people agree is good - hope, 
> help, faith, freedom ... any ideas?
> With love and devotion
> fanyz
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