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> >I would think you may have access to hard data on what percentage of
> >opioids suffice immediately post ibogaine.  That being said, we have to
> >recognize that individual responses to any drug fall somewhere along the
> >bell curve.<
> Sorry if I wasn't clear Howard- yes, there are folk who fall all along the
> curve, with different reactions to any drug(s).
> But by the same token, to allege that any use after taking ibogaine is going
> to automatically lead to overdose is wrong, from personal experience, which
> is what I was trying to say in reply to the previous post.


I am in complete agreement with you. What I was looking for was your 
professional experience as an author.   At 24 or 48 hours post ibogaine,   what 
percentage dose of a narcotic that you were using on hour minus one before dosing 
with ibogaine might be suggested if you were to use again at that point.   I 
would say NO MORE than 25% of the pre ibogaine dose.   You can always take more.  
 You can't take less once you've taken it particularly if you are using via 
an IV route though within a five minute window I am not sure if smoking or 
snorting make much of a difference. What's your opinion?   If anyone has data from 
observations or experience I would very much like to hear from you.

IN GENERAL, I am seeking information not proposing that anyone take any given 
drug post ibogaine.


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