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many thanks, truly, for the welcomes. the powerful magic of the medicine along with a rearrangement of my brain was welcomed.    the first two times i got to do the ibo in a big blast was way effective and way rearranging and the aftershock, especially the first time i was totally unprepared as i returned to my so called real world, it was difficult (totally understated-I unraveled)  for all but helped me in so many ways and in looking back it was just the beginning, this last experience the medicine was administered over four days as the symptoms of withdrawl appeared, the medicine was administered, and the symptoms disappeared, the third day a kind of flooding with the Ibo, which was awesome.  completely horizontal, awake, and crystal clear in the brain for five days, which allowed the medicine to work in a new way for me, i experienced the time that was so needed for giving my full attention to some root stuff, really that i had been avoiding most of my life, it was harsh at
 first, as my brain can be, and then there was such a huge and powerful change, i believe the spirits entered, offering love and answers to this stuff that really wasn't all that big a deal, no more harshness, it is amazing that when i gave my full attention to some of this, mostly family stuff, it lost a lot of its power, now i know its only a beginning and at least i have a starting place and i am grateful, for it is time to move on and not stay stuck in the past... my brain continues to feel the "aftershock" , rearrangement, I haven't quite landed, maybe i wont, don't really care if i do, i have been having a hell of a good time with my friends and my little girl,, so much laughing, smiling, inside and out, the energy is good, real good,
  I didn't completely unravel either
   the focus on the job a little waning,  work is overrated and inconvenient oh well how important is it anyway (yeah right).  i am amazed how well i did my job loaded and how well i do it now,
  forty five and  i feel so new at all of this.the ibo began my initiation to waking up and jumping back into the fast pace is trying to put me to sleep.  slow is real
  take care, many blessings always
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