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 Hey Chi,

 Yes,..I understand fragile, when I was reducing I also would get fragile at 
 As you know when you are reducing off methadone a lot of emotions come to
 the surface making you fragile and emotional. This is a part of reducing, 
and hey,..
 it's ok,..it's simply a process,..just understand what's happening,..if you 
feel like
 crying your eyes out then cry,..if you feel like screaming then scream and 
if you
 feel like laughing then laugh your arse off.

 Take your time reducing,..don't be in too much of a hurry,..let things come 
to the
 surface slowly so you can handle it better.

 You now know about Ibo' and this has given you hope, Lotsof hope The change 
in you from
 the first time I met you till now is already huge,..mainly from hope,..a 
way out.

 Remember,.. by doing this for yourself
 you do it for others, as what you do for yourself you do for another and 
what you do
 for another you do for your self.

 Kung Fu woman,..yeah,..you go girl,..I am sure Claude won't mind massaging 
 legs. Oh and by the way,..the more sex you have with Claude the better. 
(wink to Claude).

 Kirsty is hysterical,..we had a lot of laughs,..still do,..love that girl.

                                                              love, Jasen
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> thanks jasen, you're always so positive. i feel im doing so well at the 
> moment but i am still fragile -
> if claude wasnt here as support i feel that anyone being negative about my 
> progress will make me think
> 'what the hell, might as well go and score then. i am just a useless 
> junkie afterall'. because im lucky enough
> to have people like claude and yourself encouraging me im not going to let 
> that happen.
> kung fu last night. an hour and half of sheer torture, my legs are in 
> agony.
> chi xo
> btw...;. kirsty is hysterical, you guys must have had a ball
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>> Hey Chi,
>> I think you misunderstand. One of the main concerns about doing Ibo' is
>> that people may attempt to have a session by themselves which can be
>> very dangerous.
>> You will get to know the personalities on the list as time goes by.
>> When Sara says to you "don't do it your self" that's the best advice to 
>> start
>> with. So when someone says,"Nice one Sara" I am assuming they mean
>> that's the best advice first and foremost.
>> Keep on,..your doing great.  I fished on this list for 4 months before 
>> doing
>> my treatment at Sara's,..sometimes I caught nothing other times I caught
>> a good feed and there was times I caught some beauties.
>>                                                          love, Jasen

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