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Luke Christoffersen luke.christoffersen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 16:08:00 EST 2006

That's amazing. I've never heard of thos different types of lsd.  Most
of the acid I did was fairly similar just differnts strenghts thought
there was one type called ufo's that seemed speedier but I wasn't sure
why.  My friends said there was strycnine in it but I didn't believe


On 3/14/06, Crooked Eye <iboganaut420 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have literally tripped hundreds and hundreds of times off of LSD..  It
> varies in purity, when in raw form, and the various colors of the raw
> crystal can give an idea of purity..  The most pure is known as needlepoint,
> or white fluff which is 95%+ pure, and it is a very clean, visual, trip with
> no body load, mostly euphoria..  Next you have silver crystal, which is
> around 85-95% pure..  Usually it is pretty clean, but can seem a little
> speedier, which is due to some biproducts from the synthesis..  Then you
> have amber crystal, which is about 75-85% pure, and it can feel a little
> more tense, and cause some gas or backache..  This is intensified with
> larger doses...  There is lavender, that is up to 80% pure, but can range to
> almost black, which is much less pure..  There is also tornado juice, of
> unkown purity...  With fluff, it seems the more you eat, the stronger the
> trip, without any negative side effects, but with the less pure crystal, in
> higher doses, the negative effects are intensified..  This could account for
> bad acid, or also, nowadays, there has been blotter paper sold as acid, but
> is actually one of the phenethylamines like DOC, DOB, or DOI..  With a
> normal dose, it is very similar to an LSD trip, but when taken in higher
> doses, people can OD, which is pretty much unheard of with LSD..
> As for LSD leading to other drugs, I believe that is just not true...  LSD
> helped me to come to the realization, that I could live life without
> methadone, and it helped prepare my mind for making the transition..  Iboga,
> I credit for the actual addicition interruption, but I think it was the
> various psychedelics that helped to maintain the mental fortitude to stick
> with it...  Many people like to claim certain drugs lead to other drugs, but
> many people I know, have smoked cannabis, eaten LSD, etc, yet never went on
> to hard drugs, like I did..
> Also, acid didn't turn any Grateful Dead member into an alcoholic..  I
> imagine you're speaking of Ron "Pigpen" Mckernan, who actually was already
> pretty heavy into drugs and alcohol, and never really liked LSD...  You are
> not gonna get ergotism from LSD, but some biproducts in the dirtier acid can
> cause some discomfort during the trip and into the next day...  This will
> wear off just like the trip, though...
> cm <cm67 at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> i took a fair bit of acid as a youngin - id say between 60-80 trips, give or
> take 20 ( ive done a bit of damage to my memory since then)
> and in my mind there is definately 'bad acid', it can come off a sheet of
> 1000 and all the others will be fine but for whatever reason, every now and
> then you get a phuct one. i used put 'bad acid' in 2 different categories;
> the first and most obvious where you have a really bad trip, its liking
> being in a nightmare and the 2nd when i got no hallucinations just really,
> really bad stomach cramps and a killer back ache.
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> > Hello
> > Is there such a thing as bad acid? I thought that was a myth?
> >
> > I remember reading a member of the greatfull dead became an alcoholic
> > after taking acid and having a bad trip. Could it be that acid opens
> > up the unconscious and leaks out unpleasant feelings leading people to
> > seek out other drugs to supress the pain such as heroin and alcohol. I
> > have a friend who took acid and has been on loads of medication for 10
> > years now to supress his anger. I would have thought that the same
> > possiblities would be there with other psychedelics. Maybe acid is
> > more potent or prehaps the Indians have a better or more suportive
> > setting for their use as opposed to the stressfull pace of modern
> > society!!
> >
> > Luke
> >
> > On 3/12/06, WARRENTHERIOT wrote:
> >>
> >> Hello Dana,
> >> I have a theory about LSD use leading to Heroin, or other opioids. Not
> >> because of one high leading to want another, but that Bad Acid that could
> >> possible cause a ergotism like reaction leading to chronic leg pain and
> >> even
> >> Restless Legs Syndrome. But since there are safer substances than Acid,
> >> like
> >> Mescaline, which in thousands of years of use by Native Americans has not
> >> cause their societies to falter. It was White-Mans' alcohol that did all
> >> the
> >> damage.
> >> And it is not because of a "drug-problem" like "the scourge of Heroin"
> >> that
> >> made cannabis illegal, it was purely economical and still is today by
> >> ruling
> >> of the Supreme Court that Marijuana being legal goes against interstate
> >> Commerce laws. Nothing to do with product safety. Reminding readers that
> >> the inventor of Nylon, working for Dupont in the 1940's, committed
> >> suicide
> >> when Hemp was made illegal so as to facilitate the mass marketing of
> >> nylon
> >> fibers over the death of the hemp fiber industry. May Henry Anslinger's
> >> soul
> >> burn in hell for the trouble he has cause the world since his 15 minutes
> >> of
> >> fame as the first Drug Czar.
> >> Respectfully,
> >> WarrenT
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> >
> >
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