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i was on 80 mg's in the last 5wks ive gone down to 60, i havent used since late october. had an appt at the methadone clinic today so they could see i was ok to keep reducing, im now going to reduce 5 a fortnight till i get to about 40 then see how i go.  im waiting for a lump sum of money im owed so i can afford to take a couple of months off work, when that comes through jasen and i are going to go ahead with the treatment. 
hope you have a fantastic getaway, run naked through trees and all that kinda crap
chi xo
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      Hi Chi,

      Can I ask how long for you and what dose you are on?

      I was down to 30 mg's.

      Feeling better everyday.

      Going to the lake district for the weekend tomorrow, Cannot Wait!!!! Will be very medicinal to get out of here!!!

      Kirk xx 
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